Nordstrom to the rescue

Sunday, June 26, 2016

We all know how amazing Nordstrom's customer service is....easy returns, super nice sales people, in-house tailor, yadda yadda yadda.  But last weekend I experienced an even higher level of excellence from Nordstrom.

On Friday night, I did a little last minute shopping for something to wear to a family gathering in Connecticut. Of course I didn't "need" a thing, but this adorable navy dress was calling my name. "Susan, buy me, buy me!". I had to listen.

But low and behold, after I got home I realized that the security tag was inadvertently left on the dress.  

I wasn't mad at all, after all these things happen. However I called the store to see what I should do. I figured they would tell me to bring it back the next time I was in, or that they would send out a new dress.  But NOOOOO!!! 

Nordstrom sent manager Eli Santiago to my HOUSE with a device to take the tag off! Nordstrom you never cease to amaze me!!

And of course Nordstrom has the highest caliber staff.
Eli was super professional and just down-right really nice! 
The opportunity was absolutely ripe for a blog--I mean how perfect is this?

So off to Connecticut I went with the dress.  

This dress was perfect for eating a big was so loose and comfortable! After a feast of lobster, onion rings, calamari, Prosecco and dessert I could still breathe! Yay for room to expand!

Here's how I accessorized the dress. Keeping in line with the boho style, I chose these feather earrings from Luxa Jewelry.

And these casual gold strappy sandals were perfect for a walk by the water after dinner.  Similar HERE and HERE.
My fingers and toes have Essie Fifth Avenue polish on them (love this color!)

And I chose a tan cross-body bag to keep things casual.
Similar HERE and HERE.

While I was away, I received this email from Eli.

Hey Susan,
It was my absolute pleasure to be able to serve you. I thank you greatly for your grace with giving us an opportunity to make this right for you. I would hope that your experiences while shopping with Nordstrom are matched if not surpassed by that which I was able to provide for you yesterday evening. I was honored to be welcomed into your home and to be able to chat it up with you and your husband, and not to mention be a part of your blog! It is customers such as yourselves that remind me why I do what I do, and why I love what I do. Should either of you need anything in the future do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. Myself or my team will be more than happy to take care of you.

Thank you for your time,

 Elias Santiago
Department Manager - Shoe Divison
Nordstrom Northshore
P: 978-278-7400 T: 8.356.1309

All businesses could learn a thing or two from Nordstrom (airlines are you listening???).

Nordstrom I love you.
XO Susan

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