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Thursday, June 09, 2016

The warm weather is finally here (hooray!), but for many  women the thought baring arms or legs is horrifying.

Although I encourage my clients to love their body and wear what they feel good in, I understand the dilemma.  Some women feel super comfortable wearing short skirts and sleeveless tops (and I applaud them!) and others want to cover up the areas they are unhappy with.  I get this.  We are all different---what feels right to one woman may not work for another.  However if you feel more secure with a bit of coverage, here are some ideas for looking stylish and staying cool this summer.

Sheer top layered over a tank --a print like the one shown here will camouflage even more than a solid. 

Lightweight poncho--try a linen blend
This can be worn over a tank or even a sleeveless dress.

Flutter sleeves--this loose sleeve is very cool and comfortable while providing arm coverage.

Cold shoulder  --this design is very "in" right now. 
It gives fabulous arm coverage but the "shoulder peek" is sexy!

Maxis --one of my favorite pieces is a "tee-shirt maxi". With this one you get both arm and leg coverage. 

Peasant top
A lightweight gauzy peasant top will keep you cool and comfortable. 

Kimono wrap
This piece is fun and stylish while covering the arms beautifully. 

Pashmina --a beautiful silk or linen pashmina will look gorgeous draped over your shoulders.

So the bottom line is, there are no rules. Whether it's covering up your arms with a wrap or rocking them in a sleeveless top, wear what makes YOU feel fabulous, comfortable and self-confident. 
XO Susan

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