Getting Organized Is Life Changing!

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Getting Organized is Life Changing!

My kitchen and bathroom were a mess.  A serious mess.  As a style and beauty influencer, I receive boxes of products and clothes every day. It may sound like a good problem to have, but these items pile up quickly and create clutter.  On the other hand, I have no excuse for the kitchen. I mean, who needs 5 ladles and 22 mugs?

Our kitchen pantry closet is small. And for a good-sized home, we lack cabinet space.  I thought I had a decent system going on, but it never lasted more than five seconds. With deep closet shelves, food was hard to access so I ended up buying the same items over and over again because I couldn't see what was in the back of the closet. This resulted in a ton of expired food constantly being tossed in the trash. What a waste of money!

Cluttered pantry closet
I can't believe that I'm showing you this. Please don't judge!

I finally decided that it was time to fix this "messy" situation. I had heard incredible things about Nested Organization & Design, but I had no idea how AMAZING this woman-owned and run business is! Shannon and her staff are not only genius organizers, but some of the nicest women I've met too.

I have to admit that I was kind of embarrassed at how out of control my closets and cabinets were. I had way too much of everything, including clutter! Why did I let this happen? What was I thinking?  But Shannon and the team were so kind and gentle, reassuring me the proper storage solutions would solve the problems. And they were right.

But there are only two of us in the household! 

They arrived right on time as promised, and got to work immediately.  Shannon tackled the pantry closet, while her helper (and sister!) Jaime sorted food.  They brought all types of storage containers and labeled everything (including expiration dates)! While this was going on, another "Nester" was in the bathroom creating a system for my 5 million bottles of shampoo and skincare products.  

They even masked up for me since I'm going through chemo!

I felt a mix of emotions. On one hand, it was kind of weird having strangers handle all of our "stuff". But on the other hand, I felt a sense of relief that I was finally doing something about the clutter. Taking action feels GREAT!

After two days or working their tails off, the cabinets and closets (kitchen and bathroom) were done. Richard and I were blown away at what this dynamic team had accomplished.  Gone was my anxiety, and it was replaced by a euphoric state of happiness and order.  Everything had a place and was clearly labeled.  We now had a coffee station (something I didn't think we had room for) and my cabinets and drawers looked SO good and made SO much sense!  Plus I no longer have to worry that when I open the pantry closet, 10 boxes of pasta will hit me on the head (not kidding...our closet was dangerous!).  

Bathroom closet organization
I can find EVERYTHING in my bathroom closet now!
My kitchen pantry closet looks AMAZING. Everything has a home and I can easily access what I need!

We have a coffee station! 

I love the clearly labeled bins and lazy Susans!

How to organize drinking glasses
I had forgotten about some of these beautiful glasses, but now I can see them!

I can't recommend Nested Organization and Design enough. Richard and I both agree that their services have changed our lives for the better. Being organized brings with it a sense of calmness and peace. Plus being able to access everything easily saves a ton of time! 

Funny (not so funny) story.  Two weeks after the job was finished, my guest-room closet rack came crashing down. Yes, I probably had a few too many clothes hung on the rod, BUT our builder never used the right screws or put them into studs.  SHANNON, HELP! Yep, I called her back and she's now working on a better design. Plus, while she's at it, I'm having her redo my office and coat closet too.  

My dream is to have Shannon organize my entire house. Having a place for everything within reach at our fingertips is the BEST.  Why didn't I do this sooner?

Nested Organization and Design also provides interior design and concierge services too.  Shannon and her team work mainly in the New England area, but they're SO good that people from all over the country hire them (they travel).  

 How does Shannon do it all and so well? She's the organizing goddess! 

Tips from Shannon:

  1. Start an organizing project by sorting all the items in that space. Separating what you're keeping from what you're donating/selling/tossing is always the messiest step, but a necessary one.
  2. A closet should be no more than 80-85% full to leave room for items you've overlooked elsewhere in the house and for new purchases.
  3. You don't need three garlic presses, four potato mashers and/or five juicers!
  4. If you have cooking utensils/gadgets that you don't use often, don't keep them in a drawer with those that you do use often, as they are cluttering up prime space.
  5. We all hate it, but the truth is, kids grow so quickly. It's best to go through kids' clothes, toys and accessories every 1-1.5 months to remove what is no longer in use.
  6. Keep formal, special and infrequently worn shoes in containers to prevent them from getting dusty, fading, drying out (leather) or ruined (by pets & kids!). These should be kept on high shelves or in auxiliary storage space - NOT in a prime spot.
  7. When packing for a trip, use packing cubes, as they make a world of difference! Packing cubes keep like items together making it much easier to find what you need. (They are a must when packing kids for camp!)
  8. Keep ALL holiday stuff - including linens, platters and decor - grouped together and stowed away for that specific holiday. Don't let it take up prime space for everyday items.
  9. Unless photo albums and keepsakes are looked at frequently, they should be stored in a dry space in a specialized tote with a seal to prevent air, water, insects and critters from getting in.
  10. Aside from formalwear, if you haven't worn something in 10+ months, it shouldn't take up prime space.
  11. Complete one area at a time. Often, organizing one space leads into the next and so on. If you tackle many areas at once, it quickly becomes overwhelming and the urge to walk away becomes irresistible.
  12. Call Shannon @ Nested Organization & Design today! 978.239.6800

P.S. One of the funniest sayings that I repeatedly laugh at is "we keep a potato masher in a shallow drawer because sometimes it's fun to struggle opening the drawer".

Yep, Shannon has a wonderful sense of humor, but this is "kind of" true!

Find out more about Nested Organization and Design here.

Contact Shannon at 978.239.6800

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