The Style Team

I'm a lucky girl to be working with some of the best photography and beauty talent around!

Meet "The Midlife Fashionista Team"

Robert Jason Salon, Andover, MA
I can't say enough about The Robert Jason Salon. This warm, inviting, and very beautiful salon has some incredible stylists! The staff makes every client feel extra special...they even offer a "drink menu" and scalp massages! Mention my name to get $25 off your first service (new clients only). You won't be disappointed!

Suite 103, Salem, NH
This "boutique style" medical spa offers the newest technologies in skincare. I highly recommend their HydraFacial (amazing service that gives instant results) and Pelleve for skin tightening. You'll love the intimate setting and the knowledgable staff. 

 Nitin is simply amazing. Not only is he an incredibly skilled and creative photographer, but he's also just a pleasure to work with (he's very patient with this newbie model!). I'm so grateful to have him on my team!
Richard Kanoff, the hubby
Green energy attorney by day, stand-in photographer by night, Richard and I have way too much fun doing photo-shoots together.
Chantal Kellerd is an amateur photographer based near Boston, Massachusetts. She has always had a love for photography, but her passion grew immensely when she purchased her first DSLR camera after graduating high school. Ever since then, she has lived behind the lens, taking photos of everything around her. She particularly enjoys taking nontraditional portraits, as she believes that they capture the subject’s mood and energy. She will be attending Scripps College in California next year and would like to pursue a career in medicine.