White after Labor Day and the return of the lattice jacket

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I get a lot of questions about wearing white after Labor Day. The rule is, there are no rules anymore...and after all, who made up the rules anyway? Probably a guy.

White is perfectly acceptable to wear pretty much all year round now. Although I personally don't feel comfortable wearing stark white jeans in the dead of winter, I'm not putting them away yet!
Get creative with your white pants this fall---pair them with a suede booties and a chunky sweater or poncho

Here I've pulled back out the "lattice jacket" which I wore in a previous blog.  This time I've paired it with white jeans, a silk tank and a fabulous sparkly tassel necklace for a night-time look. 
I wore this outfit out to dinner last week and felt so put-together (the beauty of an amazing and versatile jacket).

 The lattice jacket is by Jospeh Ribkoff and can be found at Thirty Petals, Belmont, MA

I love this fun tassel necklace (also from Thirty Petals) just $48.00!
 and Phase 3 clutch from Nordstrom also $48.00--how do you like that?

Have a great week everyone! Let's hope the beautiful weather continues!
XO Susan

All photos shot by the amazing Cathleen Trainor at Dayton Home in Wellesley.

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