Does it work?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A few weeks ago NECN reporter Leslie Gaydos emailed me to see if I would shoot a "Does it work" segment with her. Leslie is the best...we worked together three years ago on a "how to save money on clothes" piece which was a blast.  She cracks me up with her jokes and totally calms my "camera fright" nerves. She is just plain fun to be around.  So when she asked if I would help her test out a sponge that takes deodorant marks off clothes, how could I say no?

OK I wasn't reporting on high fashion or on the latest fall trends, but those white deodorant marks really are a problem and need to be stopped! This is important stuff here ladies!

We met at my friend Erica's boutique Thirty Petals in Belmont, MA and pulled out our most deodorant ravaged clothes. We had a black tank from the boutique that a customer had tried on and stained, a dress of Leslie's that had some lovely white streaks and a beautiful Tahari dress that one of my clients wanted to donate but had old (I mean old) white pit stains. Would this little sponge do the trick?

Yes we got a little goofy and had way too much fun with a tube of Secret. 

 Leslie hammed it up shooting the intro.

We had a blast. Even Leslie's cameraman Abbas had so much fun that he didn't want to leave!

So what's the verdict on this little pink miracle sponge that claims to be then end-all to deodorant marks? It works!

And that's a take!
To see the NECN segment, click here.

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