Zap the Gap

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sound familiar? Your jeans and pants fit your hips, thighs and derriere...but they're all too loose around the waist causing you to constantly pull and tug to keep them up.
This is a problem LOTS of women have. First of all, let me tell say that you're doing everything right. You SHOULD buy your clothes to fit your largest parts otherwise you will not get a good fit. The last thing you want is to get bunching and pulling from pants that are too tight...or a case of the baggies when they are too big! Everything else can be easily fixed.
Here are three simple ideas to make your pants stay put!

1.  Take a nip and tuck.  A good tailor can take pants (including jeans) in around the waist. There are two ways to do this...some tailors like to take a little in around the back of the pants. I prefer a little taken on each side instead. Ask which way will work the best for your garment.

2.  The Invisibelt. This ingenious belt is a take-off of the clear belts we all wore in the 70's (remember those?) but is much thinner, keeping pants in place without any bulk. It's a fast and inexpensive quick fix for gapping pants.

3.  Elastic waist.  I know what you're thinking? Has she gone mad? Seriously, I never would be recommending this if I hadn't seen it! I have to thank my wonderful client Cynthia for this idea. On my recommendation, she took her jeans to the tailor to have them taken in. The tailor suggestion adding elastic to the waistband and low-and-behold it worked!!! I was worried that the elastic would make the pants bunch up, but it looks great!  Now I'm not recommending that you run to out to do this, however if you have a really fabulous tailor, run the idea by him/her.  It takes a very experienced and skilled professional to do this, so you must have lots of trust!

Do you have more ideas to fix gapping pants? I'd love hear them!

xo Susan

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