Must-have beauty products!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

With bathroom renovations soon to be underway, I've been forced to confront and clean-out my stock-pile of cosmetics and skin care products.  There are 2 drawers in the vanity and a box in the closet filled with all kinds of beauty products that I've collected over the years. Anything that promises to de-wrinkle, de-puff or plump goes right on my credit card! I'm a sucker for a miracle in a jar.

But as we all know, not all products deliver on their claims and as a result, I've wasted a lot of money on false promises. However, I'm getting smarter in my old age by reading reviews and shopping at places where I can return products that I'm unhappy with.

Here are my recommendation for beauty products that give RESULTS. Hope this saves you a little time and money!

Cold Plasma Sub-D  I have an issue with my neck. I've searched for a cream that actually makes a difference and finally found it.  Dr. Perricone's Sub-D is amazing. It won't work overnight but over time gives incredible results.  Use it according to the directions twice a day. I use a small amount and smooth it back and upward into my jaw and hairline.  I've been using the cream for the past 6 months and not only are lines less visible but my skin seems tighter and firmer. I'm hooked.

Crystle Deodorant  Not sure if this falls under of beauty product (guess it's more personal care) but I do have great things to say about this natural deodorant.  With so many women (including many friends) getting breast cancer, I decided to go a more natural route with deodorant. I tried several brands but nothing seemed to work except Crystle. There are no chemicals in this product which is important since our lymph-nodes are under the arms. You can find Crystle at CVS and other drug stores. It's inexpensive and effective--plus it doesn't stain clothes!

Jergens BB Body Cream  Self tanners can be streaky and the color can be tough to match. This cream gives a very subtle change in skin tone (just enough) while increasing firmness and hydrating. My skin doesn't look tanned but it definitely looks more even toned and has just a hint more color.  Love it!

Divne Legs  Caudalie's Divine Legs is not a self-tanner but a bronzer. For those times when you want your legs to look amazing, this is the product to use! I combine one pump of the bronzer with another pump of my favorite moisturizer (recommendation to come!) and mix the two together to give just the right amount of color and hydration. Fabulous for glowy summer legs!

Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion  I've been using this product for years... the smell is heavenly and it really moisturizes dry skin. I can't tell you how many times people have asked me what fragrance I'm wearing!

Glytone Body Lotion  I mix this lotion with Philosophy Amazing Grace moisturizer (above). Glytone contains a high concentration of glycolic acid which de-flakes and smoothes. It was recommended by a dermatologist and has been one of my favorite products.

Clinique Angel Red Lipstick  Red lipstick can be tough to pull off.  Many of the shades are too bright for me. However, Angel Red is the perfect shade---kind of a mix between red and berry. It's a nice punch of color without being "too much".

Make-up Forever HD Primer  Green primer? Yes, if you have a lot of red in your skin tone. This primer corrects the red and evens out skin tone. It really makes a difference!

Hourglass Veil Foundation  I've recommended this foundation to many of my clients and everyone loves it. The texture is so silky and doesn't look like you're wearing foundation but makes your skin look amazing. Pricey but worth it.

I also have to say that one of the best things I've done for my skin  has been regular laser facials at Suite 103 in Salem, NH.  The treatments are fairly inexpensive (approximately $100/each), performed by a doctor and give long term lasting results. The treatment increases collagen production which leads to younger looking skin. I combine these treatments with their incredible hydrafacial that infuses the skin with moisture and get fabulous results...well worth the money ladies!  If you would like to sample Suite 103's services, they will offer you a complimentary hydrating mask treatment....just tell Julie that I sent you in and enjoy!

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