The DREADED bathing suit shopping season is here!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Shopping for bathing suits is one of the most stressful tasks! We have to confront our barely naked bodies in a 3 way mirror, fluorescent lights…and the choices are endless (but never seem quite right).  Just like with your clothes, UNDERSTAND your body shape BEFORE you bathing suit shop.  Expect to spend extra time in the stores and don’t shop when you’re rushed or stressed.  Shop early in the season for the best selection.  
I'm generally not a fan of Victoria's Secret, but this year I have to say their line up is fabulous since they offer a great selection of suits to "suit" every body type. You can order tops and bottoms in different sizes which makes for a great fit and they have their own line of shaper-wear suits! 
The hourglass figure—this body type has a defined waist and shoulders hips that are fairly proportional. If this is you, look for a bathing suit that shows off your waistline and is fairly balanced (top and bottom) to compliment your curvy shape.

The apple body type has fairly proportional hips and shoulders but has a larger mid-section. Look for suits that camouflage the middle…ruching, prints, and deep V necklines (to bring the attention UP) all are good styles. Spanx and Miraclesuit are both great lines for this body shape.

The pear shape body type is larger on the bottom half than the top. Look for suits that bring the attention up (instead of down!) such as suits with horizontal stripes on top and a darker bottom.  If you are very self-conscious of your bottom half there are a ton of stylish skirted suits this year!

The inverted triangle figure is bigger on the top with broad shoulders and/or a large bust.  Generally hips and thighs are narrow.  The goal with this body type is to pull the attention downward.  Halter and asymmetrical tops work well for this body type as it flatters your amazing shoulders!
More tips!
        When shopping for a two-piece suit, look for separates (makes for a better fit) 
     Always go one size up from your clothing size
      The on-line selection of suits is generally much better than in the stores. Find a store (like Lord & Taylor)
     with free shipping and easy in-store returns.
      Look for a fabulous cover-up and accessories such as sunglasses, hat and sandals.


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