When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

Monday, August 22, 2022

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Ever have one of those months when everything possible could go wrong? Why does the hard stuff always have to come in bundles? Sometimes it feels like the walls are tumbling down around me.

This was August.  

My Instagram account was taken down unfairly. Since you can't reach anyone directly at IG and messages go into a big dark black hole, my only hope was to hire a consultant to help me get it back. He's working on it, but after two weeks, I'm still without an account.  Seven years of hard work and a following of 34,000+  grown honestly, organically, and authentically has disappeared into thin air. Poof. 

If you follow me on "the Gram", you'll know that in addition to style and beauty inspiration, I use my account to generate donations and visibility for Uncommon Threads, the nonprofit I founded that supports low-income women.  I also raise awareness about Kicking Cancer in Heels, a social media community of hope for women impacted by cancer.  Losing my IG account feels quite wrong and downright outrageous.  Saga to continue. 

I visited my 97 year old uncle and 90 year old aunt who I haven't seen in a year. My uncle has been like a second father to me and it was heartbreaking to see him failing.  

I got the news that treatment for my leukemia will start in November. After being in watch and wait for four years, it's time.  As much as I've tried to prepare myself, I'm still anxious and quite nervous. I'm someone who doesn't even take a Tylenol for a headache!

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And then there's Covid.  Everyone I know has reverted back to pre-Covid life, but I'm still unable to live normally.  I can't attend weddings and events, go to restaurants, and be with people inside without a mask.  Being immunocompromised when everyone has moved on is hard...REALLY hard. Unfortunately, when I start treatment, my immune system will become even weaker, making life even more difficult to navigate.

Oh, and did I mention that we had a little fender bender, a broken dishwasher (2nd time in a year), and that I got diagnosed with osteoporosis?  Thank you August.

Having said this, I really do try to stay positive.  I work remotely for Uncommon Threads doing things behind the scenes that make me feel connected.  I've seen family and friends for outdoor visits (thank goodness for warm weather!), and Richard and I have escaped to Vermont several times.  My daughter Alyssa and I even took Penny to Storyland (safely of course). 

Similar dress here.
Penny's was handmade :) 

Richard and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary at the Barnard Inn in Vermont.
It was amazing!
Cheers to the good times! 

Vermont is my happy place!
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I wore this jumpsuit to dinner  in Woodstock, VT. I love how I can dress it up or down.
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A dear friend of mine told me that when your plate is full and you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, to say "f&^% the noise!"  I've been using her method and surprisingly it's helping to clear out the anxious thoughts. Of course a good night's sleep, exercise, sharing laughs with friends, and practicing gratitude doesn't hurt either.

How do you manage the tough times?

xx Susan

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