Camo sweats and a saggy neck

Monday, December 09, 2019

For quite some time, my stylist Helen at Robert Jason Salon, has been encouraging me to wear my hair up in a pony.  I love the look, but I'm rather self-conscious about my droopy neck. And on top of the droops, I have swollen lymph-nodes (a tell-tale sign of Leukemia) that stick out. My neck is definitely not my best feature.
So there's nothing I can do about the lymph-nodes, but I'm fighting the turkey neck with all my might.  If you are looking to firm up your neck, these products really work--I notice a huge difference when I use them on a regular basis.

I've been using Sub-D for quite some time and it makes a BIG difference. Just apply a small amount in upward motions and don't forget the jaw too!  Warning it smells awful, so I use the Alba Even Out to mask the smell and add lots of moisture.  
Sub-D is $135 at Sephora, but I found it for under $90 here! I just ordered another jar. It lasts a long time by the way!

This is a fabulous moisturizer and even though it's "night cream", I use it day and night.  It's super rich and has a lovely smell to cover up the Sub-D!  It's also very economical. Find it here.

Nuface This little device is like an instant mini-facelift.  It works!! When I get lazy and don't use it regularly, I notice a big difference (not in a good way).  If you can spare 3-4 minutes in your morning routine, this is for you.  Find it here.

And now the camo sweats, a tighter neck, and a pony!

Camo sweats under $25
Boots -very comfy and on sale!
Jacket (very similar style and under $50)
Suede bag (similar)

Thanks for stopping by my "neck of the woods" --get it?
xo Susan

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