Not Your Mother's Wig

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I'll be perfectly honest.  When Shevy's Wigs first reached out to partner with me I was hesitant to say yes.  After all, why do I need a wig? But after seeing their STUNNING and natural looking wigs, and chatting with Shevy (the wig goddess!), I was sold.  I may not need a wig right now--but I WANT one!  

Shevy gave me a virtual consult (she's in NY and I'm in the Boston area) and listened to how I wanted my "new" hair to look. I contemplated something different and fun, but I thought I'd get more use out of a wig that was very close to my own hair.  

The process was easy.  Shevy gave me instructions on how to take simple head measurements.  She traced and replicated my hairline to create a custom masterpiece. Then she found a fabulous human hair wig that she cut, colored, and highlighted to look like my own hair.  

When I got my wig in the mail, I threw it on and waited for my husband Richard to come home.  I didn't  say a word...I just watched for his reaction.  There was NONE! He didn't even realize that I was wearing a wig!  I sent a few photos to my friends and asked them how they liked my new style.  They loved it but had absolutely no idea that it was not my own hair!  Shevy makes wigs that are virtually undetectable.  

By the way, I've been wearing this wig in a few Instagram photos--did you notice?

I'm wearing the wig in one of these photos...can you guess which one?

My new wig is GORGEOUS! It's a big longer than my natural
hair, but exactly the same color and has a very similar cut.  However, it feels so thick and luxurious--and it styles exactly how I want it to! It's easy to put on too.   I just adjust the clips for fit then tie my hair back in a pony/bun.  The wig has little combs and an elastic band that keeps it snug and in place.  I can swish my hair around and brave the wind--it really stays put!
I love that my wig can be styled too! I can curl, straighten, and blow-dry. Think of the possibilities! I see lots of new styles in my future!
Writing this blog really got me thinking about why wigs are so important...

Thinning hair:  My hairline is starting to recede thanks to menopause.  My grandmother was partially bald by the time she was 60 and I am worried about hair loss.  A great looking wig solves this issue and makes me feel less self-conscious---especially should the hair loss get worse.
Cancer treatments:  I have CLL a form of Leukemia.  Luckily I'm not on any medical treatments right now, however I may need chemo at some point in time.  A fabulous wig is a self-esteem booster and worth its weight in gold.  And the bonus is that Shevy has a very high success rate securing insurance coverage for her gorgeous wigs!

Bad hair day:  I have them ALL the time! How easy will it be to throw on a wig and say "no problem" to humidity or bed head--AND get a few extra days between shampoos and styling!

Accessory:  Great outfit? Why not great hair to go with it? A wig can add style and fun to your look. Think of it as an accessory!  You can have a few wigs for different looks...edgy one day and classic the next!

New style:  You could be more adventurous than me and have a whole different hairstyle!  Maybe you want curls or a super straight style--long or short, there are so many choices!

Special events:  I'll be rocking this wig at holiday parties!  I need a red carpet event to go to now---can someone please invite me?

Growing hair:  It took me a LONG time to grow out my bangs and I would have loved a wig for that "in between stage" when my hair was constantly in my eyes. Hate your haircut? No problem, throw a Shevy's wig on and you're all set!

Times have changed and so have wigs.  Don't be afraid to try one---Shevy's wigs are amazing!  These are NOT your mother's wigs!
Be sure to follow Shevy's Wigs on Facebook and Instagram for photos of their gorgeous wigs.  For more information on how you can order your own custom wig, contact Shevy at 
(718) 336-5111  Website

And as a special gift, code SUSAN10 will get you a free personal consultation either by phone/Skype or in-person, and a 10% discount!

This blog was sponsored by Shevy's Wigs, but I only promote companies I love and believe in.  All opinions expressed are my own...promise!

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