My New Year's Wish

Monday, December 30, 2019

Time....where the heck does it go?  It's so cliche to say that I want to slow it down, but I really do.  In the blink of an eye, life has a way of fast-forwarding.  

I haven't posted much about my health lately because it can be difficult to talk about.  But I love to talk about the good stuff. And there have been so many wonderful things that happened in 2019.  

Uncommon Threads went through a huge expansion and we expect to serve over 1,200 struggling women in 2020!  I have made the most wonderful friends and feel entirely supported and loved by a community of incredible women.  
I became one of the fall Easy Spirit ambassadors-- I love their shoes and mission!  They even donated over 100 boxes of new shoes to Uncommon Threads!
Uncommon Threads was in the news!

Chico's and Northshore Magazine were the exclusive sponsors of the Uncommon Threads Dress to Impress Gala! It was truly a night to remember generating over $60,000 for the program!
Richard and I visited Arizona and although he managed to fall off a cliff in Sedona on the FIRST day of our vacation, we still had a good time.  We also went back to Quebec City in August (my happy place) to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary (we can no longer can say that we're newlyweds😊).
But best of all, I became a grandmother in October. Penelope Grace (Penny) arrived 8 weeks early at just 2 lbs 10 oz.  She is home, thriving, and now weighs almost 7 lbs! Being a grandmother is the BEST.  My heart just melts whenever I see her and I literally burst with love and happiness.  Every time I don't think I could possibly love her more, I do.
And now the tough stuff.  Although I've been trying all sorts of things to slow down the progression of my Leukemia (CLL) including homeopathy, exercising, cutting sugar, alcohol (pretty much everything that tastes good), and trying to stay super positive, my white count continues to rise.  This is usually the case with CLL, however most people have a longer watch and wait period.  I got diagnosed two years ago and already it looks like I may need treatment sooner rather than later.  

I can't lie.  I'm scared.  I try to put on a happy brave face, but I'm horrified at the thought of putting chemicals into my body. What will the long-term effects be? And what if the treatment doesn't work?  My doctor is considering me for a study in February and if I'm accepted, I'll have a big decision to make.  There will be three medications (including one IV) for two years with the hope of curing the Leukemia.  

I'm not trying to seem ungrateful. Believe me, I'm thankful for good medical care and for all of the research and new medications that are out there.  But I'm a bit angry too.  I'm at the top of my game at 58 and it just doesn't seem fair.  But life is not fair.

The lymph-nodes on my neck are starting to bother me.  They're getting big.  I don't usually wear my hair up because they're noticeable.  My energy is starting to decrease--by 3:00 I need a nap and getting out of bed each morning is brutal. And my hair is looking dull and thin.  I'm beginning to feel the effects of cancer.

My fingers are crossed for good news when I see my dr. in February--and I'm trying to stay hopeful and positive

I want to be around for a long time. I want Penny to grow up knowing her "Sue-Sue".  I want to be at her college graduation and wedding.  

I want to see Uncommon Threads grow--maybe even replicate across the country.

I want to have TIME to spend with my family, travel with Richard, and enjoy life to its fullest.

You'd think by reading this that I have terminal cancer, I don't.
But cancer has a way of making you reflect on your life and  appreciate every day.  I know that some of you are also going through cancer treatments or have also "been there".  Cancer is a wake-up call--each day is a gift and we are all here on a visit.

So what do I want in 2020? HEALTH!!
Wishing you all the same.
Here's to a healthy and joyous new year.
Thank you for following along and for your support.

With love and gratitude,

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