It's a Rosie Day

Monday, August 27, 2018

Meet my new friend Rosie Dalton.  We've been "acquaintances" through Instagram (us over 50 bloggers tend to know each other), but just recently met when I hosted an event at Uncommon Threads and Rosie stopped by.  I was so surprised because I no idea she lived only 40 minutes away! 

I bonded with this gorgeous woman right away  There is something very special about Rosie---a sparkle, a light, a warmth, and an instant connection.  Right off the bat, I knew we'd be friends.  Rosie came back to Uncommon Threads a few weeks later to learn  about volunteering and we spent hours chatting like we had known each other forever. We shared our lives openly and honestly-- the good, the bad and the ugly. Turns out we have a lot in common.

I had a photoshoot with my photographer Chantal scheduled that afternoon, so I asked Rosie to join me.  We were giddy, silly and having way too much fun.  It feels so good to cut loose with a partner in crime!
I asked Rosie to describe herself and here's what she said.

I am a midlife woman who chooses as often as she can to be happy and grateful. 
My path has not been an easy one, and so that makes it all the sweeter to be enjoying my second act. 
You might think that a woman who has lost a child is done for. 
And that was true for awhile, but I knew Sean, my nineteen year old-heart of gold son was cheering me on. 
I couldn’t and won’t let him down. 

So as often as I could, I decided to be happy, grateful, and determined. And when I could not, I went with the flow of grief. 
Grief will always be a part of my life--how could it be any different?

I also have much happiness in my life with my precious daughter, amazing son-in-law, sweet and cherished grand twins-and last but certainly not least-my new and beloved husband “good and handsome” David.

I am a mentor for midlife women who don't want aging to be a sad march toward decline, invisibility and powerlessness.  I coach on a deep intuitive level that is nuturing and I teach midlife women an empowered and practical way to say yes to a life that is lovingly seeking them.

I am also an artist who loves the ocean, shoes, great friendships and the divine feminine.
Now here's how I describe Rosie.  
Rosie has warmth and kindness that radiates from within...she is truly beautiful inside and out.  Although her life has been difficult, she has not let tragedy define her.  She is open, honest and very brave about sharing her story and a true cheerleader for women. 

Rosie is fun and funny and has the BEST hair (jealous).
You can be yourself with Rosie because she is "just who she is"-natural, sweet, and authentic. 

You want to hang out with Rosie all the time.

Can you tell I have a girl crush?
And now for some of our very silly photos.
We had a bit too much fun with this "Oh" sign. 
We went from "oh I don't think so...
 To "oh me?"
 To "oh you'd better watch out"
 To "oh really?"
 To "the big O"......OH my goodness!
My stomach hurt from laughing so much and it felt great!
Here are our strong poses, although I look a bit wimpy.
We covered it all from bad marriages to menopause. Nothing like a good gab session with a special friend...
and a ton of hugs.
Find Rosie on Facebook, Instagram and on her website. I know you'll love Rosie can you not?
XO Susan

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Photos by Chantal Kellerd
My hair by Robert Jason Salon

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