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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The past month has been stressful (due to health issues), but last week was like a dream. After years of following my blogger friends on social media, I had the opportunity to meet them in person while spending a few days at the super swanky Crosby Street Hotel in NYC.  But equally exciting, was the chance to be involved in a Chico's campaign to empower women--right up my alley since I'm the Executive Director of a non-profit that supports women!

The trip started out at South Station in Boston--that's me lugging my 500 pounds of clothes (I'm a terrible packer!).  I'm wearing a fabulous Chico's reversible poncho (black on one side and animal print on the other!). I love this piece for traveling! We were in the middle of a snowstorm so I had my cold weather boots on (highly recommend these boots!).
Richard had business meetings in the city, so he came along too.  

 The Crosby Street Hotel is nothing short of stunning. The rooms are so beautifully decorated and the service is outstanding. And look at the mannequin in the corner--is it perfect for a style blogger or what? 
 I had some serious bathroom envy going on. Oops someone forgot to put the toilet seat cover down!
My Chico's friends left me a gift bag filled with fabulous thoughtful!
The first two gorgeous bloggers I ran into were Jamie of More Than Turquoise and Deborah of Fabulous After 40.  I love these two amazing women! We chatted it up like old friends.
Chico's led a focus group on the topic of women and age.
 Deborah and I were in "blogger heaven" sitting next to the brilliant and talented Lyn Slater aka The Accidental Icon. Kudos to Chico's for leading such a thought provoking and smart conversation. 
And check out this stylish crew! That's Deborah  -Fabulous Over 40 on the left, Lisa The Silver Stylist, Shauna Chic Over 50, Jamie More Than Turquoise and little old me on the right.  I'm wearing a leather and fur vest and velvet tunic from the fabulous Chic Consignment.
On Thursday night we were treated to an amazing dinner at Pietro NoLita, the cutest little restaurant with PINK decor!
What's dinner out without a bathroom selfie? 
You have to admit this wallpaper is so great, but the pink light is tough for photos!
 Meet some of my amazing new friends, Tonya -The Real Chic Life and Elaine -Square Pearls
 On the way back to the hotel, I got a chance to chat it up with my friend Cathy -The Middle Page. We have a lot in common including knowing some of the same people!  Unfortunately, we also share the diagnosis of cancer (Cathy had breast cancer). She is the sweetest person and was so supportive and kind.
From left (top) Elaine -Square Pearls, Catherine -Catherine Grace O, Deborah -Fabulous After 40, me, Cathy - The Middle Page, Left (bottom), Lisa -The Silver Stylist, Tonya -The Real Chic Life, Shauna -Chic Over 50, and Janet -Grateful Gardenia  And why am I the only one with alien eyes?
Huge thanks to Chico's for being an exceptional company that knows how to dress AND listen to women.
Now back to reality --ugh.
XO Susan
Stay tuned for what I wore to NYC!

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