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Monday, January 15, 2018

Saranghae recently reached out to me to review their skincare line. I was honest and upfront with them---I only post what I love.

I can be skeptical trying out new products, especially when they promise to magically take off 10 years and instantly erase wrinkles.  
I was impressed when Saranghae agreed---no magic potions, just real obtainable results!

 Saranghae is a family owned business that integrates ancient Asian botanicals into their products. Their story is interesting...learn more here. I love that they use organically grown mushrooms and ginseng along with a plethera of other natural ingredients, instead of a mile long list of chemicals. 
 I received Saranghae products about a month ago--the packaging is lovely. I wanted to use everything for at least 3 weeks to give an honest review.
The line won a prestigious beauty award (not surprised).
 Here's what I love about the products:

What goes on my skin is especially important at this point in my life, as I am dealing with a serious illness (an upcoming blog will explain).  The least amount of chemicals, the better.

 It's been SO cold here in Boston and as a result, my skin has been super dry. These products are extremely hydrating and actually "plump up" dry skin.  My skin looks and feels smoother and more radiant. I am not wearing make-up in all of these photos except for a smidgen of lip gloss.

 I start out by washing my face with their nourishing cleanser.  I'm in love with this product! My skin feels awakened and invigorated, but super soft at the same time! It also smells amazing--fresh and clean (no heavy perfumes).
Then goes on their Deep Radiance Essence Serum which gets rid of dry and flaky skin. I feel like this product "evens out my skin" and makes it a smoother canvas for make-up.

Step 3 is the Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream. I think this is my favorite product as it actually gives some tightening and lifting while reducing redness and age spots. I also LOVE that it doubles as a day and night cream...you get two creams in one!  Less is more!

Step 4 is their amazing eye cream (it's REALLY good stuff!) This fabulous product does it all....firms, helps with dark circles, diminishes lines, etc. 
And for a quick "pick me up", their Elemental Essence Mask literally transforms skin in just a few minutes. Fortified with CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Acid,  skin looks glowy and radiant. It's like a spa treatment!

And one other thing I like about Saranghae is their price point. You won't spend hundreds of dollars for their products. The 5 step kit is just $159 and most products individually are under $50.
If you're still unsure about investing in new skincare products, consider this.
Saranghae offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping AND they use suppliers that pay a fair wage to their employees.
What's not to love?  Learn more about the line here.
XO Susan

Saranghae gifted these products with full knowledge that I would only post if I had good results with their products. 

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