Dinner at Carmine's

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Marina Village in Atlantis (Bahamas) is collection of darling shops and fun restaurants. 

Lively island music gets everyone in a dancing (and shopping) mood.

The boardwalk is lined with luxurious yachts. Mine is the one on the right.

The shopping is fabulous, so of course Cathy and I did a little damage. I came close to buying this bag but restrained myself. Cathy on the other hand, bought an emerald cut aquamarine ring!

The bags were amazing. The colors!!!

Shopping definitely requires comfortable clothes--after all there's a lot of bending, stretching and reaching for those bags! Wearing a loose white peasant blouse (similar HERE and HERE), light wash high rise jeans, white sneakers (love these--and on sale!) and my "go-to"Juju Bagz metallic tote.

This beautiful ring (handmade by Aileen Peters) adds a pop of color. I'm in love with her stunning jewelry collection.

By 9:00 p.m., Cathy and I were starving (shopping works up an appetite!). We could eat a huge meal....heck two huge meals!
Well our wish came true. We were super lucky to get right in at the famous Carmine's, where they're known for their hefty portions.

I can't say the waiter didn't warn us...he explained that the meals were enormous and fed 4-5 people (family style)! But Cathy and I were FAMISHED and couldn't agree on something to split. So we each ordered our own salad and dinner.

Uh oh.

As soon as the salads arrived we realized that we had made a huge mistake.  

I'm in food heaven.

Then the meals came. The plates were so heavy, you needed two hands to lift them.
We felt a little silly (everyone was looking at us), but after a glass of wine we didn't care.

And WHY did I wear a white top?

Ready, set, ATTACK!

SOOOO good!!!

Here are our leftovers.

There's always room for dessert. I admit, this one was a doozy.

Uber indulgence. Feeling sick. Why did we eat so much?

Doggie bag please? Tomorrow's lunch!

Thanks for following along on our Bahamas adventures!
XO Susan

Style photos by the one and only Cathleen Trainor, corporate executive extraordinaire, top notch best friend and amazingly talented photographer. 

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