Will the real "Fish Fry" please stand up?

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

You may have heard that Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas, but did you know that it's also home to Junkanoo Beach and the infamous "Fish Fry" scam?

Cathy and I strolled through the famous "Junkanoo Beach" area which is a lively hotspot for colorful tiki bars and food stands selling fresh seafood. 

The water is a cool turquoise that will literally take your breath away.

A "Cathyism"---"You've seen one conch, you've seen them all".   Love you Cath.

Being the total slouch that I am, I begged for a little rest on the swaying hammock--after all it was calling out my name. With a bit of encouragement, Cathy joined me. This is the life!

But the best (and funniest) thing that happened at Junkanoo Beach had to do with a sneaky "fish fry" plot.  

While walking towards the restaurant area, we were approached by a sweet young man named Elvis, who with menu in hand, filled us in about the fish fry scam. He said that there was only ONE real "fish fry" restaurant and the rest were impostors. He warned us that we would be approached by other people who would swear on their life that their fish fry was the best and they were the real deal. He even went so far as to offer us free conch fritters if we ate at his place.  He seemed genuine (after all, he did call us both beautiful) so Cathy and I bought it all, hook and sinker (no pun intended).  

Now meet Alvin. Within minutes Alvin rushed up to us with another fish fry pitch.  He assured us that his restaurant was the "real fish fry" and that it was the best on the island. Ugh, who to believe?

Over the course of our walk to the restaurants, we were approached by several more "fish fry salespeople" who tried to denounce those before them and assure us that their fish fry was the one and only --the real deal. By the time we got to our destination, we were fish fried out.

OK, is it me or is there a chicken on this fish fry sign?

Check out this sign...Bahamian, Creole, Italian and Chinese Dishes...and of course fish fry! Makes you want to eat there, doesn't it?

We finally decided to choose fish fry #1 (that would be Elvis' dig) but as we approached it, Alvin rushed in to steal the show. I don't know about you, but I found this all to be very weird!!
Of course Cathy and I didn't have the heart to say no, so we ate at Alvin's joint. The conch fritters weren't free, but they were delicious--the salads on the other hand, not so much.
$75.00 later (total rip-off) we couldn't believe that we got sucked into the fish fry scheme.

So you might be wondering "what do you wear when going on a fish fry adventure"? 

Walking around Nassau is exhausting (plus it's HOT in the sun!) so I chose a Tommy Bahama loose stripe sleeveless top from Lyn Evans , paired with rolled up denim shorts, a fabulous lightweight cross-body bag from Juju Bagz and my super comfy white leather sneakers.

Charm stretch bracelets are from Luxa Jewelry

A wide brim hat and sunglasses are a must when out in the hot sun.
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Richard don't be jealous, but there is a new guy in my life.

Stay tuned for more adventures (and fashion) from The Bahamas!
XO Susan

Style photos by the one and only Cathleen Trainor, corporate executive extraordinaire, top notch best friend and amazingly talented photographer. 

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