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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thank you to my Facebook friends for coming up with blog topics. A few people mentioned that they can't seem to figure out "what goes with what" and how to mix up their wardrobe. As a result, they feel like they're wearing the same outfits over and over again. Sound familiar? I doubt this stems from not having enough clothes, but rather not have the RIGHT clothes. I find that so many of my clients have a lot of "fluff" in their wardrobe...pieces that don't seem to match or go with anything else. You know those "orphans"...the top that is too long to go with anything, the dress with the weird neckline that doesn't look right with a jacket, or that print top that doesn't match any of your pants. What's lacking here are  the basics --clothes that work together as a team and are the foundation of a great wardrobe.

Here's my advice:

1.  Purge your closet often.  Why keep clothes you don't love?  Closet real estate is valuable space and should hold only the pieces that make you look and feel great. Honestly, it's so much easier to put outfits together when you know everything works and your closet is easy to navigate!
2. Get down to basics.  Invest in quality, great fitting basic pieces such as jeans, trousers, cashmere sweaters, pencil skirts, silk blouses, etc. As we get older, cheap clothes don't always work as well as they used to. I look for great cuts, quality fabrics, and structure. No more thin clingy materials for me. At 53 I'm going for fit and flatter. I'd rather have less clothes, but better quality.
3. Bottoms up.  Without the right bottoms, putting an outfit together can be frustrating. Try an ankle length slim cut trouser that will look fabulous with heels, flats or booties. I also love ankle length jeans because of their versatility. Bootcut and wider leg pants just aren't as easy to work with.
Again, invest in bottoms that flatter your may have to pay a little more but it's worth it.
4. Plain Jane.  70% of your tops should be solids...30% prints.  Solids are so much easier to accessorize and change up than prints. Also, we tend to get sick of prints over time.
5. Invest.  I am a huge fan of the vest.  I own 2 black (one fitted, one more casual), a denim and a white. A faux fur vest is also a fun addition to your winter wardrobe. I love how they can change up any look from a dress or skirt to jeans and a tee. Instant polish!
6. Perfect blazer.  Have a few amazing blazers in your wardrobe. Again, like the vest it will pull your outfit together.
7. Little black dress.  An LBD that can easily be dressed up or down is a wardrobe essential.  Look for one that is tailored and has a scoop neckline for easily layering and accessorizing.
9. Shoes are a girl's best friend. Honestly, it's true. Shoes can make or break your outfit. Your wardrobe should include fabulous flats, fun sneakers and heels that you can actually walk in.
10. Accessorize me.  Last, have a lots of fun accessories including scarves, bags and jewelry to switch up all those solids!

Bonus:  Every day wear at least one outstanding piece whether it be an amazing ring, fabulous bag, or killer shoes.  Oh and keep reading my blog for lots of outfit inspiration!

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