Baubles and Beds

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What the heck is Baubles and Beds you might ask? Someone actually asked me if was something risqué. Quite the contrary, Baubles and Beds is the name I thought up for an accessory swap with a raise money to buy beds for local children in need (through the efforts of Project Home Again).

Last Tuesday evening over 50 women came together at Good Day Cafe in North Andover, MA (a fabulous coffee/sandwich shop) to trade in their unwanted jewelry, bags, shoes and scarves for new treasures. Women, bags and shoes ---it's a winning combination.

Our amazing volunteers worked their booties off to set up for the event, but things got interrupted quickly by an unwanted guest. Mr. Bat arrived in style (no pun intended). He flew high and low, confused and just wanting OUT. I can't blame him...he was in a room-full of handbag crazed women. We all dove for cover. I was lucky enough to hide behind glass doors but poor Kim ducked under the table, trapped and frightened out of her mind. In this video, you can hear me saying "poor baby, he's scared"...I sound brave, but remember I was safe.  Our hero was the maintenance guy who scooped up the little critter and took him outside to safety. I was glad our bat friend was okay, but also glad he was gone.

At 6:30 droves of women surged into Good Day and we were ready for them.! The cafe had been transformed into a boutique of sorts, with items beautifully displayed in their deligated "departments.

And then the chaos started.

Hold 'em back!

Here they come!

The doors opened and the crowds barreled in. It was like a mad rush at Filene's basement.
Every woman for herself!

There were so many amazing pieces to sort through...

 Love this statement piece!

 Having fun sifting through jewelry.

There were some really great finds like these Cordani sandals!!

 Emily scored a Vera scarf!

And some that we all got a good laugh from. Here is Ellen proudly modeling a snowman necklace. She was thrilled to find something to match her snowman sweatshirt (sorry Ellen, had to say that!).

 Givers remorse...why did I give away that cute purse? Oh yes, to make room for a new one!

Are these ladies having fun or what?

Some women brought their daughters. 

And others came with friends.

Lots of new friends were made too!

This zebra bag was a hot commodity!

All in all, we raised over $1,100...enough money to purchase 18 beds for local kids!! SUCCESS!! 

I'd like to thank our amazing volunteers for making it all possible. You're the best!

Even the college crowd helped out!

When are we doing this again?

If you would like to learn more about Project Home Again and how you can help, visit 

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