What to Wear When Flying

Monday, September 23, 2013

What to Wear When Flying

A client just asked me for tips on how she can stay stylish and comfy when flying. Here are my ideas:..
I find it best to travel in layers. I like wearing something comfy on the bottom...skinny jeans if they don't cut into you sitting for a long time.
Leggins (or ponte knit pants)  are also an option if you will wear them with a longer top.
A wrinkle-free dress is another idea.
Tops:  A short or 3/4 sleeve lightweight V-neck tee or sweater. I always bring a shrug or pashmina to throw over my shoulders should it get chilly.
Large tote bag and flats or very comfy shoes that slip on and off easily (easy to get through security).
Accessories are key. Love a watch and great earrings or necklace. (or both).
Layer on some bracelets.
You can also wear a long scarf and use it as a pashmina if you get cold.
It will give you 2 functions.
Stay away from fabrics that wrinkle up like stiff cotton or linens.

Happy flying!

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