The Skort Makes a Comeback

Saturday, August 15, 2020

First of all, I apologize for the lack of blog posts. I hope you haven't forgotten about me! Between work chaos, health issues and pandemic brain, I've been a bit overwhelmed--but I'm back! 

I hope you are well and that you're enjoying the summer, despite the craziness.  Life sure has changed. 


Here's a flashback for you.  Remember the skort?  I used to wear them all the time eons ago! Well, I recently got back into wearing skorts, especially when they're as cute as these styles!  

I find skorts to be more comfortable than shorts, do a better job of slimming, and can easily be dressed up or down.  And I love the extra tush coverage (shorts underneath!) should I happen to bend down a bit too much 😮.  

These styles are incredibly forgiving, stylish, comfy and are great for traveling.  They even have pockets!

Shop this outfit:
Similar sandals here and here
White tank (wardrobe staple--highly recommend!!!)
And here's the same skort in animal print!
And last here's the same skort in camo!
Similar hat here, necklace (LOVE this one!), sandals and tank

  These skorts can easily transition to fall too--just throw on a sweatshirt and sneakers! 

I promise to blog more often.  
Be well.
XO Susan

Thank you to Chico's for gifting many of these pieces. I adore their clothes and I'm appreciative of their support to Uncommon Threads.

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