Quarantine Snacking

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

I don't know about you, but being home all the time makes me hungry! As a self-professed "junk food junkie",  I have to be careful NOT to keep high calorie, high fat, or sugary treats in the cupboard.   But I do like a little "something" every now and then to spice up my VERY healthy (mainly) plant-based diet.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite snacks.  Although they may taste indulgent, they are actually very low in sugar and contain healthy ingredients.  I'm kind of addicted!

Most of these items are hard to find in the grocery store but readily available on Amazon.

Salty first:

I recently discovered these organic sweet potato crackers which are AMAZINGLY good! One serving size is 16 crackers, which is a generous amount.  I eat them plain for munching or with hummus  (yummy).  

Lesser Evil's coconut oil Himalayan Pink Salt popcorn is my favorite bagged popcorn.  It's delicious and a bit addictive. One serving size is 3 cups, which equates to a nice size bowl with just 110 calories.  I have a few handfuls just about every night.   Let's hear it for whole grains!

I also like the individual bags to limit the portion size.

Aunt Gussie's cookies are simply delicious.  They're made with spelt flour, almonds, whole eggs, and canola oil with zero sugar.  At 110 calories per biscotti they are satisfying, filling and a  great companion to a cup of my favorite tea. 
These cookies are difficult to find so I buy a 4 pack that lasts me about a month or so (Richard digs in too unfortunately).

There are times when nothing tames my sweet tooth except chocolate.  I recently discovered Lily's products, which are all extremely low in sugar since they're sweetened with Stevia.
The result is a super delicious chocolate candy!

Swedish Fish is one of my favorite candy.  I LOVE anything chewy (like jellybeans, licorice, etc).  With just 3 grams of sugar and 80 calories for the entire bag, I don't feel guilty about indulging.  You can find 6 individual (pre-portioned bags) here.

All of this talk is making me hungry! I'm heading to the kitchen now for a quick snack. What's your favorite munchie?

xo Susan

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