The ladybug

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 was my year for making decisions--lots of them and big ones. I took a leap of fate and started up a non-profit called Uncommon Threads . And if that wasn't enough, right around the same time Richard and I decided to move.

Now were weren't planning to move, but our best friends talked us into looking at a new 55+ development they had been considering. There just happened to be a lot of land available right next to the one they were interested in. It was tempting--so we started to play with the idea.  For two months, we made ourselves absolutely crazy trying to make a decision. It's not that we're unhappy with our house--we've lived here for 14 years and our mortgage is low.  We're comfortable, but our neighborhood lacks a sense of  "community".

I'm not one for making huge decisions. I can easily choose between a green or blue dress, but when it comes to life-changing choices, I get super anxious. I haven't slept (ugh the under eye bags!) and I've been a nervous wreck. Every day I made myself crazy with the "what ifs". Should we take on lots more debt at our ages? What if we don't like the new place? What if our house doesn't sell? How will we deal with new construction? The interest rates are going up! Can we afford it? What if we're sorry we moved? How will I know if I'm making the right choice?

You get the point. I admit it...I'm a serious worrier.

One of my dear friends Fran is an empowerment coach with a keen sense of intuition. When I talked with her about my quandary, she told me to ask for a sign from my deceased father.  Now I don't usually believe in this type of stuff, but I was so stressed (and desperate), I figured it was worth a try. So I asked my dad to show me a ladybug if I was meant to move. 

I swear that I'm not making this up...

A week later this little ladybug was on the landing of our second floor, on the wall directly in front of me.
Then a week later, one appeared on my water glass.
And a short time after that, the little bugger was  on the comforter as I was pulling the covers over me.
 And it showed up again on the lampshade next to my side of the bed.
The weird thing was that the ladybug only came to me. There were no others in the house and no one else had seen one.

Could it be a sign from Dad? Or maybe just sheer coincidence?
Whatever the case, it was just the push I needed to take the plunge. 

We bought a new house and it will be ready in a year.
2016 was the year for decisions, and 2017 will be the year for changes. Now I need another sign to determine if I'll get through the next year sane!

Has anything like this every happened to you?
I'd love to hear your stories.

XO Susan

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