Conture Me--Part One

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This blog is the first in a three-part series about a new technology in skincare called Conture. Conture asked me to review their Kinetic Skin toning system and I eagerly said YES! I am always looking for new ways to de-age, tighten and tone my skin without invasive treatments. It's not that I'm against cosmetic surgery...I'm just a big chicken! So when I researched the Conture system and read the feedback, I was excited to give it a test drive.
 I'll be blogging a few more times about how things are going, but here's my initial response after using the system for a little over a week.

The device looks like a mini-blowdryer. It's small, lightweight and easy to figure out. By the way, I have the 3-speed version.
I read the instructions, watched the video and got right to it.

My skin isn't horrible, but at 55 I am showing the obvious (and not so obvious) signs of aging. My neck is falling, crows feet are sprouting and my skin does not have the elasticity of even a year ago.  

Conture is easy to use. You start with a clean face, then use their Kenetic Serum on the area you want to treat. I always start with my cheeks.  The device pulls the skin in (almost like a vacuum) ----gives three pulses, then you move on to the next area section by section. I do my face, eyes and neck in a little over 5 minutes twice a day (morning and night). It's easy and fast. Although I've only been using it for a little over a week, I do believe it's working. I've noticed that my neck doesn't look quite as droopy and my skin glows.  I actually had someone ask me if I had just had a facial!
One week into the treatment and no make-up!
So it's probably too early to tell what the full effects will be--but so far, so good!
More to come!
XO Susan

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This blog is sponsored by Conture, however, the content of my posts are based on my own honest opinions and are not in any way influenced by partnerships. 

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