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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I want you to meet my daughter Alyssa. Alyssa and I are alike in many ways.
  • We are both work for non-profits that help low-income families.
  • We are both huge animal lovers.
  • We both think we're "right" all the time.
  • We both have a passion for spinach pie (the kind made with filo dough).
  • We both have a blog, although she's a better writer than me. Here's hers.
  • We both love shoes and bags (she tries to steal mine!)
And sometimes we like the same clothes. A few weeks back, we spent some Mum (that's what she calls me) daughter time in Quechee, VT celebrating Alyssa's 30th birthday, which just happens to be today! We had a blast hiking, eating, drinking (she introduced me to chocolate vodka--yum!), chatting up a storm, had a BEAR encounter and of course shopped our hearts out. 

We discovered the most fabulous little boutique in Woodstock called 37 Central Clothiers. We immediately parted ways, started grabbing clothes to try on and headed straight to the dressing rooms. This is what happened next.

Yep, we both fell in love with the same camo tunic.  You can only guess what ran through my head...I NEED TO WRITE A BLOG!! Several weeks ago, I posted about a dress that my 78 year old mom and I both own.  This week it's mum/daughter tunic time!
We photographed this blog at a gorgeous local farm called Colby Farmstand.  It was such a beautiful New England fall day--there were pumpkins, sunflowers, foliage and mums!
We own the same Rayban sunnies too (they fold up!)... find them HERE. Told you we are alike!
  This tunic is SO comfy and I love the fun camo print. This one is by Z Supply. Here some other similar styles HERE ,HERE and HERE (tee).  Because Alyssa is a bit shorter than me (and younger!) she wore her tunic as a dress. I paired mine with black ankle length leggings ...
suede wedges--similar styles  HERE and HERE (shorter wedge)...
and this fabulous necklace from Bittersweet Designs.
My bag is by Rebecca Minkoff.
Here are some less expensive similar styles HERE (under $30) and HERE (under $50).
Alyssa wore a long rhinestone pendant--almost identical HERE.
And a fantastic royal blue quilted cross-body bag. Similar HERE and HERE
Her military boots were perfect for trekking through the wedges, not so much. Find these boots HERE.
 I'm taking a quick break from clothes to introduce you to our sunbathing goat friends
 The farm has the most amazing sunflower fields. If it weren't for the bees, we would have been a bit more adventurous.
 Happy 30th birthday Lyssa.
Love you to the moon and stars.
XO Susan (aka Mum)
"A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend."

Photos by Chantal Kellerd

Hair by the "official" Midlife Fashionista stylist Robert Jason Salon (the best!).

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