The never-ending saga of my midlife spaciness

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last weekend, my photographer/bestie Cathy and I had a photo shoot in Andover, MA.  I reviewed my outfit selections, made a list of what to pack and even took photos of everything on my phone as a reminder.  After shooting for a little while, I realized that I had forgotten to bring several key pieces!

Oops, time to improvise.  Luckily I had my standby Joe's jeans and a simple black cashmere sweater, which I planned to wear to lunch after the shoot.  And thank goodness for the power of fabulous accessories to jazz things up...

A gorgeous necklace (by Sandra Wilmer available at Kat's Boutique)

an amazing bag (sold at La Mia Moda Boutique)...

...and cool boots! I think this outfit came together rather nicely!

BUT THEN, as luck would have it, my daughter Alyssa walked in with the most fabulous poncho which I literally pulled off of her. And voila, another look! I love these ponchos too 

So the morals of the story are...
Midlife spaciness is real--each day is an adventure.
Always have fabulous accessories on-hand to pull together great outfits.

Photography by Cathleen Trainor at Helen Thomas-Simply Smashing 
(THE place for unique holiday gifts!).

Thank you to Sandra Wilmer for the gorgeous pearl necklace!

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