A change will do you good

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Like every other woman, I can sometimes get a little too comfortable with my clothes.  I stay away from big bold patterns and stick to my simple understated style. However, like every other woman, I need a push to expand my horizons. The push came from Luis Nunez, the owner of 
La Mia Moda Boutique. I was excited to collaborate with him on my blog,  but I have to admit I was terrified when he pulled out this bold fringe top by C/MEO Collective and asked me to try it on.  My first thoughts were "this will not work for me--the print is too big and it's just not me". But Luis persisted and I'm glad he did. I love it!

The details on this top are amazing. It's so unique and fun, yet classy and sophisticated at the same time.  It makes me feel "cool and  hip".  At 54, I'll take cool and hip anytime.

I paired the top with black jeans, but you could also wear it with a skirt or dress pants.

I love this outfit for a holiday party or for dinner out.

...or for sipping champagne in bed!

Yep a change did me some good.  The next time you go shopping, I challenge you to try on something that you wouldn't normally wear. Go a little wild and crazy. 
Who knows? You just might like it!

Photos taken at Gianna Design Group by Cathleen Trainor.

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Thank you to La Mia Moda Boutique for partnering on this post.

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