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Thursday, July 02, 2015

This blog is on denim shorts, however there is a story here as well.
Last weekend, my amazing friend Kim opened up her gorgeous beach house for my photo shoot.
This is Kim....she is beautiful inside and out and a true mid-life fashionista.

This is Kim's stunning beach house located on New Hampshire's Seacoast.

Not only is Kim warm, kind and funny, but she is also uber-talented.  She creates all types of amazing things including one of a kind jewelry, belt buckles and pet accessories. Oh and she's an incredible artist with a passion for painting dogs. Here are a few examples of her work--to contact her go to Sadie Style

One of a kind belt buckles

Dog paintings

Fancy dog collar
We started out the day shooting on her sun-porch--not only because the light was so perfect, but also because the color-scheme was simply stunning (Kim painted the picture of the dog in the background)

Now on to beach attire! I put together a casual summer outfit that's perfect for a stroll along the boardwalk. I'm all about the lace-front tee---put it on your shopping list! I love the feminine detail and texture that camouflages the mid-section.  Plain white tees can be see-through, but this one offers a bit more coverage-- so there's no skin peeking through!  I paired it with rolled denim shorts, a colorful straw bag and sneakers (on sale!). Easy-peasy.

I couldn't resist switching out my plain silver bar necklace for one of Kim's fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces to complete this's such a stunning statement piece and I adore the color. Check her Etsy site here.

Shorts are tricky. I have to say that they're not my favorite thing to wear these days (I'm  actually more comfy in a dress). The cut and length have to be just right to work---otherwise they can look baggy and droopy. I do best when shorts are fitted and not too long or they cut my leg off at a funny place--not a good look for me!  For most women, a fitted cut that hits above the knee works best. What's your most flattering length?  Love these from Kut.

Because I am a ring addict, I chose this silver Lucky Brand white stone ring.

And now comes the rest of the story. After shooting indoors, we decided to take some photos outside.  I mentioned that it would have been great to show a model wearing longer shorts--- and voila, I heard my name being called! Life is so strange sometimes----my friend Eileen was visiting her friends down the street and guess what she was wearing?? Yep, longer jean shorts! Poor Eileen was suckered into an impromptu photo shoot--what a good sport!  Check out her adorable metallic pointy toe flats HERE...this style is so leg-flattering!

And if things weren't fun enough, we got to play with Roxy the rescue dog...the cutest Yorkshire Terrier.  LOVE her!

Grab your floppy hat and have a great 4th of July! 
XO Susan

"The end"

Photography by Cathleen Trainor (the best friend a girl could have)

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