A new way to cover-up

Thursday, July 09, 2015

I recently bought this fabulous Hinge "topper" at Nordstrom. My original plan was to wear it with a tee shirt and jeans--but then I had the idea that it could double-duty as a bathing suit cover-up. Brilliant isn't it?

I don't swim and I can't say that I love wearing a bathing suit these days, however this
lightweight coat provides coverage where I want it (around the mid-section) while transforming my plain bathing suit into an "outfit".  I'm also wearing a comfortable Michael Kors tankini that has ruching around the middle (great for the tummy!). Check out this suit too for a super flattering style!

Several years ago I had skin cancer so I'm extra cautious about getting too much sun...another reason to love this piece! 

Unfortunately, this Hinge topper is sold out--but I found some similar pieces at great prices for you HERE HERE, and HERE .   Don't forget a straw tote, sunglasses and sandals too!
 And off to the beach you go!

Photography by Cathleen Trainor
Location:  Seabrook Beach, Seabrook, NH

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