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Saturday, June 13, 2015

I had a bunch of reward points on my Ann Taylor credit card (wonder why...) so I decided to spend them before they burned a hole in my pocket. As with all stores, there are always styles that you like and those that you say "seriously??".

Heres's what I didn't like...

 Gingham is in this season and I was dying for a black and white check dress..but this one is cut for a ten- year old! When tied, the middle bunched up, and when untied, it instantly turned into a tent that sleeps 10. Thumbs down!

This casual dress is so cute but SO short!! Loft, please stop making super short dresses!

Now here's a top that like. This fun sweatshirt is bright, colorful and perfect for casual days.
Plus it was on sale for $9.99...even better! Sold!

I've been on the hunt for great tees and I love everything about this linen version...the color, cut, length and flow around the mid-section are all just perfect. I won't wear clingy tops but this one has just the right looseness .  Comes in a variety of colors.

One caveat...if you are a petite woman, this tee may be too long for you. I am 5'6''
and the length is great for my height.

Here is the sleeveless version of the linen tee in a fun print. Yellow is not my friend, as a matter of fact it's tough for most women to wear--but mixed with other colors it works!


This double breasted black jacket is lightweight enough for a summer night and makes a great layering piece to wear over a tee or casual dress. I'm all about the jacket!

Shopping lesson:  Try lots of things on and don't buy unless you love it--even if it's a bargain! Oh, and use the three-way mirror so you can see what's going on from "behind".

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