Simply Black

Friday, January 23, 2015

Simply Black

I have a friend who only wears neutral colors---mainly black. Her wardrobe consists of black pants, sweaters, skirts, shoes, bags, etc. And guess what....she looks fabulous all the time! I asked her if she ever gets bored with her wardrobe and she answered  an emphatic "NO".  She never has an issue getting dressed in the morning (everything goes!) and she always feels chic. 

I have to say that there is something so polished, sophisticated and even sexy about wearing black....not to mention it's slimming. So how do you avoid getting bored with the color? Here are my tips.
  • Look for different shades of black...mix a dark charcoal with jet black.  
  • Play with textures...nubby fabrics, lace, leather, fur, chiffon, etc.  This will give your outfit dimension.
  • Pop in shiny metals like a gold watch or an embellished bag or shoes for instant pizzaz. Black is so easy to accesorize!
  • Buy good pieces. With an all black wardrobe you don't need a lot of clothes, but they should be high quality and look high-end. 
  • Mix black with  other dark colors such as navy blue---gorgeous combo!
  • If black doesn't work with your coloring try charcoal gray, which is a bit softer.
This way of dressing is not for everyone, but for those women who feel their best in black it can work!

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