Mom jeans make a comeback

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Remember those baggy, poorly-cut jeans that we used to wear in the 80's? They made our backside resemble an ice cream cone. These jeans did absolutely NOTHING for our bodies except make all of our parts look bigger. I admit that I fell victim to the mom jean trend and I owned them in several washes, including ultra-light blue and of course acid wash.  Ugh they were horrible....

So guess what? They've made a comeback! But like all re-emerging styles, the cut and style has been tweaked. Still, just "knowing" that they are mom jeans makes me say "no way". But let's be fair here....they might look cute on younger women who can pretty much rock any trend. It's just not the case on my middle aged body, I need jeans that have shape---not shape-less.  If I want a more relaxed fit, I'll stick to boyfriend jeans.

But for those of you who really want to give this fad another go, here are my suggestions...

Go with a slimmer more modern cut like these from Urban Outfitters. I actually like the high rise and narrow leg-line.

But stay away (far!) from these!

Enough said?

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