2014--The Year of Pizzaz

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year everyone! If you've made a list of resolutions, how about adding this one to it?
NO MORE FRUMP IN 2014!  Here are five ways to dump the frump and jazz up your wardrobe this year.

1.  Don't save those "good" pieces for best, wear them every day!
Are you saving that black dress for a wedding? Do you barely wear those fabulous pumps because they're for "dressy"? Do you have some great pieces of jewelry sitting in a drawer gathering dust? This year, make a resolution to  pull out the pieces that you only wear for special occasions and incorporate them into your every day wardrobe.  Separate your suits and wear your tweed jackets with jeans. Get out those rhinestone earrings that you only wear to a  black tie event and pair them with a chunky sweater.  Have fun with your clothes...if you're saving  the good stuff for special occasions, then they'll barely get worn.  Life is too short!

2.  Only buy what you love. We are all guilty of buying "just because"....just because it's on sale, just because we love the color, just because we are desperate, etc, etc.  Be picky and don't settle for just ok. The ok pieces are the ones that will sit in your closet unworn.

3.  Don't be afraid of shine and sparkle. It's amazing how much pizzaz a little shine can add to an outfit. Jazz things up with rhinestones, sequins, metallics or patent leather!

4.  Add some leather.  Leather is so modern and polished. If you don't have a fitted leather jacket, put it on your shopping list. You'll get so much use out of this piece...wear it over a dress, with a skirt, or with jeans. Also look for dresses, sweaters, jackets  and skirts that have leather trim details...very chic!

Photo by Cathleen Trainor
Wearing my favorite black leather jacket by Michael Kors. 
Photo by Karen Bobotas Photography 

5.  Be true to your authentic self but do try new styles once in a while.  If you find yourself getting too comfortable, gravitating to the same old styles and colors, give yourself a little push to try something new. Try on a piece that you wouldn't normally go for and experiment with styles and colors. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Photo by Cathleen Trainor
Last year I went WAY out of my comfort zone and bought this leopard coat. I have to say that I feel pretty cool wearing it!

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