My Styling Session With Katty Pimentel-Herrera

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Even wardrobe stylists sometimes need a bit of help with their clothes! A few months ago, I enlisted the services of NYC stylist Katty Pimentel-Herrera.  Katty & I met at a fashion show and immediately connected, so I asked her to help me clean out my "rather out of control closet".  Being in the stores so often with my clients gives me way too many opportunities to buy, buy, buy---so a good closet weeding was definitely in order!  Katty was amazing.  She truly understood my personal style and gave me honest and objective advice....exactly what I was looking for!  We re-worked some of my pieces that I hadn't been wearing for one reason or another and filled up two garbage bags with clothes for donating. Sometimes you just need someone to say "it's got to go!".  Check out the photos below from my session with Katty and visit her blog at

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