A "Classic" Collaboration

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm so excited about my latest collaboration with the very talented interior designer Yvonne Blacker.  http://www.yvonneblacker.com/  Read the following excerpt from her blog http://designvignettes.blogspot.com/ and learn about our "wardrobe to room" collections!
From Design Vignettes...

If you are a big HGTV fan (like I am) and just watched the season finale of Design Star on Sunday night, then you are familiar with the winner, Emily Henderson, stylist and author of the blog The Brass Petal. During the last couple of episodes of the season-long challenge, each of the remaining contestants had to share what their future design show concept would be. Emily, who has professional experience styling interiors for numerous publications, proclaimed that her show would celebrate the wardrobe-to-room concept (Domino magazine was famous for this).

While we viewers were all wondering who would win (although I knew from the start it would be her!),
Emily was actually busy taping her new show. She has shared on her blog that the final format will be a bit different (since it has been done before by Thom Filicia of Dress My Nest) and will be called “Secrets from a Stylist. I can’t wait to see what she has to share, especially since I love styling spaces to create visual stories, and I know she will have a lot of great insider info on how to create great looks in
whatever space they throw her way.

I still love a good outfit-to-room, however, and for the next few weeks I will be featuring a collaboration between myself and fashion coach, Susan Kanoff, who I met through a mutual friend, Ginny Williams at a recent event. Our first project involves creating a classicly tailored room based on an outfit worn by
a woman who appreciates classic style.

The trench coat above is a stylish solution for dealing with the past few days of cold and wet weather that we have been experiencing here in the Boston area. I used its camel color to define my room in the form of the antique mohair sofa. I used the quilted pattern from the vintage Chanel bag as inspiration for the patterns in the room (lampshade uses cream and tan while the Moroccan table with mother-of-pearl inlay has some of the brown from the leather belt). A black lacquered coffee table with great legs and a stylish silhouette speaks to both the Louboutin shoes and my fashion favorite, the pencil skirt. While the Anthropologie light fixture is on the pricey-side, it is certainly a show stopper, much like the way a great piece of jewelry will often get all of the “where did you get this?

Next week I will show a room based on Susan’s picks for the back-to-college crowd, followed by some visual advice for decorating with fall fashion colors in mind. Let me know if there is something that you would like to see from Susan, and definitely consider giving her a call directly if you would like expert advice on re-styling your own wardrobe. If you would like your home to look its stylish best, I would be more than happy to help! You know where to reach me ...

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