Mom Makeover Contest 3rd Place Winner

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Meet Nancy Wood, the 3rd place winner of the Mom Makeover Contest.  I met Nancy a few weeks ago at the TJ Maxx in Newton . Our mission was to spend her prize ($100 AMEX card) on new clothes.  With Nancy's husband out of work, she has been working two jobs to keep the family afloat--so clothes shopping just hasn't been in the budget.  Nancy showed up wearing a "too-long" raincoat,  ill-fitting pants and a stretched out top, doing NO justice to her fabulous figure!

With just $100 to spend, I wanted to make sure that Nancy got pieces that would mix and match. Since her lifestyle is casual, we chose clothes that were both practical and versatile.  We decided on two pairs of capris, four tops, a great pair of sandals and a neutral bag, giving Nancy a much more flattering and updated look.  
Nancy must have told me ten times how much this makeover meant to her and how excited she was to focus on herself for a change.  She loves her new look!
Hello Susan,
I just want to thank you for a lovely morning shopping spree. I can't think of anything else that would have been better. It put sunshine in my day, even with all this rain.
It was very nice meeting you and I can't wait to have my hair makeover which is on June 12th.
Thanks again for everything!

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