Every woman's stylist and the little black dress

Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to my blog! My name is Susan Kanoff and I'm a wardrobe stylist, or fashion coach as I call myself. My background is in social work & my passion is clothes! I truly believe that the way you look is deeply connected to how you feel--inside and out. Close your eyes and imagine how you feel when you hate what you're wearing. Does your motivation diminish? Your self-esteem fall a few notches? Is your self-confidence not quite what it should be? Now imagine how you feel when you LOVE how you look! You feel radiant, polished, happy, and confident. You could even have a better day! Yes, it may sound shallow, but clothes are important.

After posting daily outfit ideas on Facebook and Twitter, a friend of mine encouraged me to start this blog, and together we came up with the name Dress your best--one outfit at a time. This blog is a place for women to visit to get fashion advice and ideas on how they can improve their wardrobe and their look. Every day I'll post simple tips as well as an easy outfit to put together.

My goal in starting this blog is to help women develop a fabulous wardrobe. This blog is not for the big time fashionista, those who are interested in runway fashions or haute couture, but for every woman. It's for us teachers, nurses, librarians, businesswomen and stay-at-home moms. It's for us middle-aged women who don't want to look like we're 20 but don't want to look like our grandmothers either. It's for those of us who want to look put together but not trendy. It's for "every woman".

I'd love to hear from you. Please post comments--ask questions--and let me know what is important to you. I'm excited to start this new venture so let's begin with outfit #1!

Susan Kanoff, Every woman's stylist

The little black dress (if you don't have one, put it on your shopping list!)

This practical and versatile dress is a closet must have! It's amazing how many great outfits you'll be able to get out of just one dress. I encourage you to look in your closet and see if you have a simple black dress. I'm not talking about a fancy cocktail dress, but a casual dress with clean lines--even a tank dress will do. Now, tomorrow pull the dress out of your closet, pair it with black or gray tights, high black boots, and add a jacket or cardigan in any color or pattern. If you prefer to belt, you can belt the jacket or sweater with a metallic, snakeskin or plain leather belt. Polish off your outfit with some hoop earrings, a watch, a great bag and you're ready for work or lunch with friends.

Now keep in mind that this same simple black dress can transform into a night-time look with just a change of shoes, bag and jewelry. So, if you're at the office and want to take your dress from day to night, add chandelier earrings, hose, heels, a sparkly clutch and off you go, looking fabulous!

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