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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It's been almost ten years since I've shopped for new eyeglasses.  I rarely wore them as I'm a contact lens junkie, so why bother spending the money? But then dry-eye set in, and on way too many occasions I had to wear my old dated glasses--not good for a style blogger!
My old outdated glasses.
Why did I wait so long to replace my glasses you may wonder? I HATE eyeglass shopping! It's so hard to figure out what shape works for my face--I just can't be objective. And the large optical shops stress me out.  
So I finally bit the bullet, enlisted the help of my friends Cathy (left) and Laurie (right) and headed to the most amazing eyewear shop around, Eyewear by Giorgio in Chelmsford, MA.
Eyewear by Giorgio is such a comfortable place to shop---it's warm, cozy and so inviting. There's even a little snack area with water, coffee, and bites.  
Eyewear by Giorgio may look small, but it's CHOCK full of the most gorgeous frames you've ever seen. I would guess they have well over 1,000 styles to choose from!  From traditional frames to the unusual, they have just about anything your heart desires.   I couldn't believe the selection from some of the most fashion-forward places like Italy and Barcelona. 

But the highlight of a visit to Eyewear by Giorgio, is Giorgio himself. Giorgio is amazing--he's kind, personable and extremely knowledgeable (he's been in the business for over 40 years!).  Eyeglass shopping has never been so relaxing and FUN (yes I said fun!).

Honestly, I have never seen a frame collection like this! Butterflies can't you believe it?
 Every time I thought I had seen pretty much all the frames, Giorgio brought out another box!
Giorgio is a gem.  He truly loves his job and has a passion for making people look good. He took so much time with me explaining which type of frame would work best for my shaped face.  He loves to educate his clients!  

He showed me how frames can compliment the colors we wear...he even has fabric swatches to play with! I know I look a little goofy but humor me. 

He also has state-of-the-art technology to ensure a perfect fit.
Giorgio makes all the glasses right at the store. He is a true craftsman who takes pride in his work.
So which frames did I choose?
Here are some of the contenders.
I also had a whole lot of fun trying on different frames!
Who doesn't love bling?

I finally landed on this style. I love that I can wear these glasses anywhere and that the round shape softens my face,
As Giorgio told me "the curve of the frame follows the arch of your brow". 
 And I also got these amazing animal print sunnies! Thank you for encouraging me to try them Giorgio--I LOVE them!

 And my gorgeous friend Cathy got these stunning  frames that show off her super blue eyes.

Giorgio loves to share his tips on choosing frames.  Here's some advice from the best!

  • A round face looks best in a rectangular type frame--however this does not mean it has to have hard angles/corners.  
  • A square face looks best in an oval shape.
  • When someone has a long face, the frame should have some depth.  A frame that is too short vertically will actually emphasize the length of the face.
  • A face with more pronounced features can carry a bold heavy looking frame while someone with small features may look over-powered by this type of frame.
  • All glasses should have an anti-reflective coating to improve vision and eliminating annoying glare.
  • Have fun with eyeglasses. Why just have one pair?
  • Eyewear is fashion so change things up!
  • Take a photo of yourself to see if you like how you look in a frame.
  • Eyeglasses are an accessory and can totally change your appearance.

60 Chelmsford St.
Chelmsford, MA
XO Susan 

My eyeglasses and sunglasses were gifted by Giorgio, but my opinions are my own. I only post what I love!  Eyewear by Giorgio is AMAZING!

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  1. That’s what I like....having fun while getting “chores” done. You picked the perfect pairs of frames. They absolutely compliment you look. Looks as if everyone hit a home run that day!!!

    1. We really had a lot of fun Cheryl....who knew eyeglass shopping could be fun???
      Now my issue is that I want more fun glasses! XOXO Susan

  2. I hope to have sunglasses like this. I will look for one at EO sunglasses. I badly want this style. Look fabulous.

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