Skinny jean alternatives

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Skinny jeans are not for everyone. Some women find them to be too constricting or they just don't like that "tight" look.  There's nothing worse than feeling like a stuffed sausage (my friend Ellen's favorite saying!) in jeans that you can't breathe in. So what do you do when you want a slim-cut denim that doesn't cut off your circulation?

Of course there are lots of jean options---there's the boyfriend jean (but sometimes it can look a bit baggy and doesn't work for everyone) and there's the bootcut jean (but the flare doesn't always work with flats or sneakers) --and THEN there's the slim-cut straight leg which fits closely, but with more wiggle room than a skinny jean.

I pulled four slim straight leg jean options--all are in mid or high rise.  You'll notice that the AG pair is actually called a "slouchy skinny", but it's really the opposite-- a skinny boyfriend (confusing I know!).

So if you want to show off your curves without sacrificing comfort, try on a pair of slim straight jeans the next time you're out shopping--oh and I love an ankle length for the warmer months!

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  1. Good morning Susan! I think skinny jeans look great on skinny ladies - like you!!! You wear your clothes beautifully. Have a great weekend!!

    1. My ever widening middle is giving me reason to seek alternatives Katie! But thank you so much. Hope you enjoy the weekend too---heard snow UGH!

  2. The slim-cut straight leg jean looks like a good option! I do like skinny jeans some days though and I love bootleg jeans with heels!
    By the way, I agree with Katie - you look great in everything you wear :)

  3. " You'll notice that the AG pair is actually called a "slouchy skinny", but it's really the opposite-- a skinny boyfriend". What is the difference?

  4. I adore my skinny jeans with turned up hem. I could live in them. My body shape is an inverted triangle which can be challenging around the hip and bum area. But I have darned good legs. So skinny jeans with a great jacket... I can concur the world.

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  6. Slaying like a boss. What a lovely combination!!
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