4 Ways to Become Fashion Fearless

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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Does your blood pressure go up when you step out of your "style comfort zone"?  Well, you're not alone. In my many years of wardrobe styling I've found that women in midlife tend to develop fashion fears and insecurities that prevent them from trying new styles. 

Does this sound a bit familiar?

  • What will people think of me if I wear _____?
  • My body isn't in shape, so I can't wear _____.
  • I don't want to draw attention to myself with color.
  • I'll look like I'm trying too hard.
  • I'm too old to wear _____.
At 61, I'm a rule breaker (who made up the silly fashion rules anyway?). As I get older, I find myself caring less about what people think and I simply wear what makes me happy. I love bold colors, prints, and fun in my wardrobe. Bring on the sparkle and shine! I no longer want to blend into the background, I want to be SEEN.  Maybe my cancer diagnosis had something to do with this midlife mind-shift, or maybe it's that I'm finally loving myself more?  Whatever the reason, I'm having a blast with my wardrobe these days, and you should too!

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Now I'm not telling you to wear clothes that you're uncomfortable in, but I encourage you to try new styles, colors, and even some trendy pieces (don't spend a lot on trends though).  It's amazing how empowering bold fashion choices can be! So let's break all those silly rules and stereotypes, and get adventurous with style! You can jump right in fearlessly, or take baby steps, but I can guarantee that it feels great to try something new and rock it!

Fear#1:  I'm afraid of color.  

Is your closet full of  black because color scares you? I admit it, I own quite a few black pieces.  After all, black is chic and never disappoints.  However, I find that color makes me feel happy and vibrant. The right colors can also do amazing things for your skin-tone! It can be hard to make the transition from dark to colorful clothes, so here's how to gently ease into it. 

If you're not ready to take the full leap, try adding a bright handbag, pair of shoes, jewelry belt, or scarf.  

Brahmin makes some stunning and unique bold bags. 
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How fun is this bag? Talk about mixing color and shine!
Wear it with a white dress for a pop!

Or if you're feeling full-on fearless,  here are some of my favorite colors that flatter most skin-tones: magenta (color of the year!), cobalt blue, teal, and emerald green. 

I wore this stunning silk fuchsia kaftan for a recent photoshoot and felt amazing and alive in it!
Color can have that effect!  

Fashion Fear #2:  Trends will make me look like I'm trying too hard. 

Says who? There's a big difference between wearing trendy pieces head to toe, versus looking current and stylish.  As I mentioned above, don't spend a lot on trends that will quickly go out of style, but do choose a few fun pieces to jazz up your wardrobe.

Some of the spring trends I'm loving right now are fringe, "not so basic denim" (long denim skirts, denim on denim, denim dresses, etc). draped pieces (super flattering), and cargo pants.

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Fashion Fear #3:  People will think I'm trying to look too young.  

Who cares and who is judging you? Many times it's our own negative internal messages doing the critiquing! Wear what you love and feel beautiful in. I don't dwell on what's "supposedly" right for my age. Instead, I focus on buying clothes that fit my body shape and flatter me. I'm a big fan of youthful styles like graphic tees, faux leather pants (love with fun sneakers!), sequins, and distressed jeans,  

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The most comfy and fun sneakers hands-down.  I'm addicted! Sole Bliss is made to provide comfort and style for women who have foot issues, including bunions.  Worth EVERY penny!  
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Fashion Fear #3:  Prints will draw attention to me. 

And why shouldn't you shine?  Prints are a great way to "go bold" at any age! Go flirty and fun with florals, or modern and hip with a geometric print. And of course, there's always animal print, a classic in my book! If you're hesitant to wear an all-over bold print, take a baby step and add a bold scarf to your white shirt or sweater, or give a beautiful print skirt a whirl. DVF makes some of the most fabulous print dresses wrap dresses that range from demure to bold patterns. 

I love Trina Turk for fun bold patterns! 

Farm Rio is another fabulous colorful bright line. 

Kate Hewko is one of my new favorite lines.  Their clothes make a statement and the bold colors and prints are amazing. Code Susan10 for 10% off.  Shop the line here.  Shop the jacket here. 

Fashion Fear #4:  I can't wear many styles because I've gained weight.

NOPE! I agree that body changes can make shopping a bit more challenging, but don't lose hope and give up! Instead, experiment with new cuts and styles, and even new places to shop.  And if you can't figure it out, enlist the help of a wardrobe stylist. An expert will help you find the right styles to flatter your shape and work with you to create a fabulous wardrobe that you love. Think of it as an investment in YOU. 

The last thing that I'll say, is to be careful of who you ask for an opinion. I remember asking my daughter what she thought about some of my outfits and her mouth dropped open.  "Mom, seriously?".  Guess what? Those pieces are some of my favorites :)

Life is too short. Wear what you love and what brings you joy!  Can I get an amen? 

xx Susan 

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