My 2022 Beauty Picks

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Some of products in this post were gifted, and links may generate a small commission. However, all opinions expressed are my own. 

As a style and beauty influencer, I test out TONS of products. There are so many fabulous products out there, but I do have favorites. 

I'm very selective about what I post about, which is why you won't see me endorsing beauty products every few days. Paid or unpaid, I test everything out thoroughly and will only put my name behind the products that work well for me.  

I made a video for social media, but the size of was too large for this blog (UGH).  However, you can check it out on my very old Youtube account HERE (which I plan to revive!), or on Instagram.  Here's a snipped.

And drumroll's my list! 

Madison Reed The Great Touch-up for brows and roots (using light brown)  HERE

City Beauty Multi Sculpting Cream HERE

Flyte.70 Code Fashionista15 for 15% off the line and free shipping over $75

Lipstick (Fast Car)  HERE

Lipliner (Sabotage) HERE

Blush (Linger)  HERE 

Eyeliners (I have all three shades and just discovered Blue Monday) HERE 

Trinny London

Just a Touch 

Face Finish

I just recently started using a makeup sponge and can't say enough good things about this one.
It makes SUCH a HUGE difference applying foundation and concealer, plus my skin looks so much better! I can't believe that I didn't use one sooner!
Shop this one HERE. 

As you can see from this almost empty bottle, I LOVE this foundation. It covers perfectly and looks so natural.
Shop it HERE. 

I'm excited to test out more products in 2023, and I promise to keep you updated on the ones that blow me away.  Stay tuned!

Wishing you a very joyous and HEALTHY New Year! Thank you for following me and for your kind words, comments, and support. I'm grateful. I hope you'll sign up for my blog to stay in touch!

xx Susan 

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