Health Update

Sunday, September 18, 2022

 It's been a rough month.  In addition to my Instagram account issues and the stress that goes along with losing a business that I've spent seven years organically building, my health has taken a major turn in the wrong direction.  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is a strange beast with lots of unpredictable twists.  I've been blessed to have 4 1/2 years in a watch and wait (not as easy as it sounds), but over the past month I started running daily fevers and losing energy.  I met with a team of infectious disease doctors last week at Dana Farber, and they are trying to piece the puzzle together.  It's a mystery.

Off to Dana Farber sitting in Boston traffic.

I need treatment NOW.  I'm having pretty serious anemia which is causing a very racy heart-rate and major exhaustion. I feel winded when walking up the stairs and I can no longer take my daily 3 mile walks. It's crazy. I've dreaded starting treatment for the past four years, and now I'm begging for it.

However, it's not that easy, my medical team at Dana Farber won't initiate treatment if there's an infection.  And pinpointing an infection can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  So far, all of my routine tests like chest x-rays and bloodwork results for Lyme and other infections, have come back negative.  However, there is something going on since a few of the tests point to an infection.  I hope to have some answers this week.

Kicking Cancer in sneakers. 

I've been blown away by the incredible support I've received from friends, family and my followers (you!). I get messages on a daily basis from people I don't even know personally, just checking in to see how I'm feeling.  I'm grateful and it truly warms my heart. Thank you.

One piece of good Instagram account has been restored (after two months!)), but I've been told to post slowly as it's still fragile.  If you're not following me already, I'm at @TheMidlifeFashionista.  I'm also working on getting an email sign-up for this blog (it only took me seven years! ). Once the sign-up link is installed, I hope you'll opt in.  Should my IG account go down again, at least we'll be able to stay in touch this way!  Lesson learned. 

Again, thank you for your support, kindness. and love.  More to come. 

xx Susan

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