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Monday, February 18, 2019

Laurie and I go way back.  As a matter of fact, we've been friends since our college days at U-Mass Amherst where we affectionally nick-named each other Laurannadanna and Zannadanna (I was Zanna).  We were CRAZY in those days. We partied hard (sorry Mom) and yet we both graduated Magna Cum Laude. I have no idea how we pulled it off!
Life took us in some of the same, yet different directions.  We both studied to be social workers.  We married, divorced and remarried again.  And in mid-life our careers did a 360 .  I started a side gig as a wardrobe stylist and blogger (and then a non-profit director) and Lauranna started a winery.

Whippletree Winery in Tamworth, NH is the brainchild of Laurie and her business partner Yvonne.  A few weeks ago, Richard and I were in the area visiting friends, so we all took a trip over to see Laurie and to do some wine-tasting. 

Whippletree wants you to feel at at home. They actually call themselves the "at home winery"!  Filled with cool antiques and quaint nooks and crannies, it's a warm and cozy place to hang out. Its like the old tv show Cheers where "everyone knows your name". 

Meet Yvonne, co-owner of Whippletree Winery
How cozy is this bar? Pretty darn cozy!
I loved chatting with the "regulars".
Meet the "wines"....
Who doesn't want to drink a wine called "Bossy".
Richard says it's perfect for me!
Here are some of my favorites.
You have NEVER tasted wine like this!

From the dry red wine Fierce ("she creeps, she pounces, she bites!") to Sweet Treat Rose, which tastes like cotton candy (YUM!) there is something for everyone--even non-wine drinkers.
Could it be that after all these years we are still dressing alike?
And there's Lauranna making the wine! 
As you can see, the wine is very reasonably priced. I haven't tasted this one yet, but I need to!
That's my friend Laurie (yep another Laurie) on the left.
We had so much fun wine-tasting with Laurie in the middle.
We had to leave a bit early because it started snowing.  But of course I had to buy a few bottles--ok maybe more than a few. 
If you're up in New Hampshire, a stop at Whippletree Winery is a MUST.  You'll love hanging with Laurie and Yvonne tasting some of the best wine around.  
We may be almost 40 years older (gulp) but we're still a little crazy. Love you Lauranna! 

For more on Whippletree Winery visit their website here.

XO Susan

My hair is by Robert Jason Salon.

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