Soma Mother's Day Campaign

Sunday, April 29, 2018

This story begins in Helen's chair at Robert Jason Salon . While getting the gray out, I received an email from Soma. Would my daughter Alyssa and I be interested in flying to Florida for a few days to be photographed for their Mother's Day campaign?
It's a wonder poor Helen didn't drop the bucket of hair color, because I literally flew off her chair.
I immediately called Alyssa to tell her the amazing news, but I was surprised that she didn't share the same excitement. She was uncertain about being photographed...but after a bit of coercing (ok a lot), she agreed.   

  The plan was that a few weeks before Christmas, Soma would fly both of us to Ft. Lauderdale to be photographed, interviewed and videotaped. WE would be the faces of their spring Mother's Day campaign! Not only was I excited about the photoshoot, but I was over the moon about creating a mother/daughter experience that we would always remember. 

But I almost didn't make it.  Right before the trip, I got a phone call from my doctor. My blood-work came back abnormal---my white count was almost 30,000 (triple the norm).  We were supposed to get fitted for a bra and pjs at the local Soma store, but I had to reschedule due to medical tests.  

We finally made it over to Soma in Natick, MA where we experienced their incredible bra fitting and treated to some new super soft cozy pjs. 
Soma's bra fitters are incredible. We got the BEST bras---so comfortable, lightweight and uplifting (the girls were happy and high!).  We both selected the amazing vanishing back bra, which basically disappears (no lines or bumps) and is crazy comfy!
We fell in love with Soma's loungewear--it's so soft!
We're doing the mom/daughter matchy-matchy thing.
And who doesn't love a little animal print. I'm sucker for anything with spots (minus age spots that is).

A few weeks later, we were off to Florida.  I still didn't have my test results back, which made me anxious, but I was determined to have an incredible time with Alyssa.
 OK so we don't pack light.  No judging.
 We realized that this was the FIRST time we had ever gone away by plane together!
We arrived at the Diplomat Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. which is GORGEOUS!
We each had our own room with incredible views of the city.
After an amazing dinner (with dessert of course), it was early to bed since we had to be at the studio by 7:30 a.m.
The next morning, we were up at the crack of dawn. Neither of us had slept because we were SO excited. 
We arrived at the studio.  There were tables of  accessories to choose from, hair and make-up stations and yes, COFFEE!!!
Meet make-up artists extraordinaire, Angel and Euri 
Oh good Lord, WHY am I showing you this photo?
Euri (right) and super sweet and talented photographer Kristy (left).  Soma has the best team!!
Make-up CHECK.
And we're off!
 Who says beautiful night-wear can't be comfy?
Alyssa and I are wearing Soma's Cool Nights PJs....great for hot-flashing women like me!
 And we both loved Soma's easy to wear dresses that can go from day to night with just a switch of accessories. Alyssa is wearing the sleeveless knot-front maxi and I'm wearing the Sleeveless Layered Dress.
And now let's talk about their slimming leggings. These babies go up super high, suck you in, come in lots of colors, and are SO comfy!!  I love their tunics too!
After the photoshoot, we all celebrated with some bubbly. Love this fun crew!
When we arrived home we were exhausted, but on an adrenaline high. As I mentioned previously, Alyssa was hesitant to be in photos---but you'd never know it! She shined and radiated confidence.  Check out some of our video clips here--can you tell we love Soma? 
Snuggling with my "grand-pup" Guinness in Soma pjs is the BEST.

A few weeks later,  I met with my doctor. Unfortunately I got diagnosed with CLL (a form of Leukemia).  Although it was not the news that I was hoping for, I do not need treatment right now (hopefully not for a long time!).  

The trip was just what I needed and the timing was actually perfect--it gave me a diversion from stressing over health issues. I was also thankful to Soma for giving me a special experience with my Alyssa--how many mothers and daughters can say they were "models for a day" together? 

I have Soma to thank for something else too. Take a moment to read Alyssa's blog, which touches upon her struggle with self-love.  This photoshoot gave her an extra boost of confidence and self-esteem and I am grateful to Soma for this gift.
Alyssa is an amazing woman and I admire her strength,  courage and raw honesty to talk about issues that tend to be swept under the carpet.
 I love her so much and couldn't be a prouder mom.

So check out Soma's Mother's Day campaign--you just might see some familiar faces!
XO Susan

Huge thank you to Soma for sponsoring this blog and for being such an amazing company.  

Thank you to Robert Jason Salon for always making my hair look good.

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