The Leota Happy Dress

Monday, April 24, 2017

Leota, I really love you. You have donated so many fabulous clothes to Uncommon Threads (thank you!!) and you sent me this amazing dress.
You probably know that my style tends to be a bit understated and I don't usually wear bold prints., but...
Then came this dress--this fabulous, fun, colorful, HAPPY dress!
And then came the sneaker trend, and I  couldn't be more thrilled!
Comfort is what it's all about for me these days. 
Find similar sneakers HERE and HERE.
I paired the dress with my Kate Spade convertible nude bag that changes from a shoulder bag to a cross body bag with just a click of the hook.  Similar HERE and HERE.
I'm all about hoops. I wear them all the time--they can be classic or hip...timeless yet boho.  They go with everything!
I love the shape of these teardrop hoop since they're a nice change from the traditional round style. Love these with a little sparkle too--find them HERE.
Isn't this print just amazing? The colors!!
Leota makes super comfy dresses that are soft to the touch and don't wrinkle. I love that I don't have to wear Spanx with this baby! Oh and by the way, the neckline on this dress is reversible--you can wear it scoop or V (scoop in front and V in back shown here). If you want a longer dress, Leota also makes this print in a maxi.
Yes I still have a cast on, but it comes off this week!
But I still have 6 weeks of physical therapy to strengthen my wrist. I'm expecting some serious pain.

Sunglasses are the finishing touch--don't forget to protect  your eyes from the harsh sun. It's so important at any age but especially as we get older! Doing a little "Jackie O" thing here.
Similar sunnies HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!
Check out Leota's full line of dresses HERE.
Have a great week!
XO Susan

Photos taken by the hubster at the beautiful Wentworth by the Sea in Portsmouth, NH.

Hair by the incredible Robert Jason Salon

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The Leota dress was gifted, .however, the content of my posts are based on my own honest opinions and are not in any way influenced by partnerships.

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