Chico's and The Fierce 50

Monday, March 27, 2017

Kudos to Chico's for recognizing us "50 plus women" and for including The Fierce 50 bloggers group in their Best Friends and Fashion event last week.
The Fierce 50 (a group of AMAZING over 50 bloggers) joined forces with Chico's to celebrate style, friends and the power of being "older, wiser and beautiful".  We're not getting older, we're getting better (except in my case for a broken wrist and a back injury--just slight set-backs!).

I have to be honest with you. I have never been a big Chico's shopper--until now that is! I'm a size 2 and the clothes never seemed to fit me right. However, Chico's now offers smaller sizes (00 even 000) that work perfectly! I chose to wear this olive green faux suede jacket, flowy long tank (wardrobe staple!) and black leggings (incredibly comfy). I had been in this outfit since 7 a.m.--these photos were taken 12 hours later and look, no wrinkles!
I also love how modern the line has become. It really cuts across all ages! My 30 year-old daughter loves the clothes,
and even my photographer, who is not quite 20, saw some dresses that she was crazy over.  Go Chico's!
 I scoured the racks for some of my favorite they are.
This neutral linen vest is such a timeless yet modern piece that can be worn with jeans, a dress, skirt or trousers.  The color goes with everything too! 
And how fabulous is this giraffe shirt paired with these pants? And those crazy cool jeans!!!! I feel an 80's vibe here!

Everything denim is in this spring and I'm a huge fan!
Who doesn't need a little more love in their life? Now this is a message worth wearing!
I am head over heels for this embroidered bomber jacket.
I must have it.
It's all about the sleeves this season and this stunning hot pink ruffle-sleeve top is on my wish list!
 Chico's always has the most amazing selection of unique statement accessories.
 Not only does Chico's have the best staff (manager Nancy center), but their clients are equally as nice!
  Chatting it up with the fabulous Susan--she called us "Susan squared".  Love this beautiful woman's positive energy and warmth.
My new friend Cathy came to shop. She just started volunteering at Uncommon Threads and we are SO lucky to have her!
Meet store manager Nancy Cyr-Ford (center) and district manager Leyna Lyons-Grogan.
Put me in a room with fabulous women and amazing clothes and I'm on cloud 9. 
Huge thank you to Chico's for including me in their style event!
XO Susan

 Photos by Chantal Kellerd
Hair by the "official" Midlife Fashionista stylist Robert Jason Salon (the best!).

Are you ready to update your wardrobe?
I do distance coaching too!
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This event was sponsored by Chico's.  I was paid to participate and my outfit was gifted. Some links in this post may generate a small commission, however, the content of my posts are based on my own honest opinions and are not in any way influenced by partnerships. I take pride in aligning with businesses that I believe in.

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