Conture update

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share a quick update regarding my experience with Conture so far.
I've been using Conture for about a month now and I'm definitely seeing some results. It's not a face-lift, but my skin does look tighter and smoother.  The device does take some getting used to and definitely requires a little time every morning and night.  I've found it takes about 20 minutes each day....a small price to pay for great skin, but still a time commitment!
Sorry for the "robotic" look in this video but smiling during the treatment doesn't work! 
I think the biggest changes in my skin are in the overall tone (it looks clearer) and the lines on my forehead don't look as pronounced. This makes me very happy (yippee!).
One more thing, I don't seem to need as much make-up these days. This is a close-up with minimal make-up!

I'll be finishing up my review in a few months after I've used Conture for a while longer, so stay tuned!

      XO Susan            .

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