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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There are women in this world who can rock just about any look. One of them would be my new "style sister" Houston blogger Sheree of SheShe Show.  Her style is colorful and super fun-- playful and adventurous and chic all at the same time. She puts outfits together in ways that I would never dream of....yet it all works! How does she do it? Oh and Sheree may be in her 60's, but she's showing up women half her age!
This woman ROCKS!
I thought I'd share some of my favorite Sheree looks with you.
I highly recommend following her blog, Facebook and Instagram--I know you'll be hooked as I am.
And if being super stylish, gorgeous and creative isn't enough, on top of everything Sheree is one of the sweetest and nicest women! She's the whole package! Although we've spoken on the phone (like old friends), I hope to meet Sheree in person one of these days....tell me she wouldn't be fun to shop with?
I always wondered how Sheree poses so naturally in front of the camera (I struggle with this!). Turns out she was a big-time model in her 20's....THEN she got a commercial pilots license and flew jets! She's the coolest! Learn more about her story here.
Thank you to Sheree aka SheShe Show for being my Wednesday Woman Crush. Sheree is living proof the getting older really does mean getting better! 

XO Susan
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