Midlife Make-up tips from a pro

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Meet my new stylish friend Lisa Hale, aka The Silver Stylist. This 54 year-old stunner is a professional make-up artist and style blogger.  With loads of experience working for such prestigious lines as Chanel and Lancome as well as doing independent hair and make-up work, Lisa knows her stuff when it comes to beauty!

I recently asked Lisa to share her top beauty secrets for us "mature" women, and here's what she had to say...

Switch things up
The biggest mistake I find women make is that they either wear too much makeup or don’t wear enough color.  Our hair color and skin tone changes over the years and it's easy to use the wrong make-up shades. The products and colors that used to work for us,  
may no longer be our best choices.

Less is more 
Avoid wearing heavy make-up that sinks into lines and creases. I prefer a tinted
moisturizer to a foundation...try a BB or CC cream with a light translucent powder over it. 

Curl those lashes! 
My most coveted beauty secret is an eyelash curler. It’s amazing how curling
your lashes really opens up the eye. I’m also a big fan of false eyelashes and lash extensions. I'd
rather see little or no eye shadow and lots of lashes - it’s a much more bright-eyed look. 

Go red
The most universal lip color is a true red-- not too blue or too orange. Some reds that 
Marc Jacobs lipstick in Amazing. They all go well with most skin tones. In addition to red, I also love a berry lipstick (blue undertones)  

Focus on one area 
If you want to wear a red lip, then do a neutral eye. If you want your eyes to
be the focal point, then wear a nude or natural lip color. 

Lift your eyes 
As we get older our eyelids can droop. Here's an easy way to give the appearance
of depth.  Put a lighter color on the lid to bring it out and a darker shade on the droopy area 
tgive it the appearance of depth. Contouring works wonders!

Avoid the sun 
My best anti-aging tip is to take care of the skin you have. Wear sunscreen and stay
out of the sun as much as you can. The sun's rays are so damaging to the skin !  Also drink lots of
water--it's great for the skin!

My favs
One of my favorite cosmetic lines is Bobbie Brown. I love their eye shadows and
lip-sticks. The whole line is really nice! I really love lip gloss but as I’ve matured, I don’t like the
way the gloss heads for the lines around my lips. However, I found a great gloss by Yves Saint
Laurent, Vernis A Levres.  It combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of 
stain.Nars makes wonderful lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows with great pigment colors. I like Marc Jacobs lipstick, Make-Up Forever eye shadow and concealer, 
Tarte eye shadow and lipstick, Anastastia Brows, Becca Contour, Hour Glass lipstick and Contour, Amore Pacific skin care and foundation. This list is ever evolving, because the topic of makeup and skin care is like technology -always changing, and growing.

Follow Lisa's style adventures on her blog Made Up Love and on Instagram at The Silver Stylist.

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